Last month (right before Babywoods’ birth, actually), Mr. Frugalwoods and I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed by our friend the Mad Fientist for his excellent podcast. Our interview airs today and I encourage you to give it a listen!

Mr. FW and I discuss our plans for the future, Babywoods’ frugal start in life, what we do for fun, and so much more. I just know you’re dying to hear our frugal voices (right?!?) so head on over to the Mad Fientist and enjoy. Sadly, no cameos from Frugal Hound as she helpfully snoozed through the entire interview.

Too true, I did not wake up once
Too true, I did not wake up once

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  1. Just loved hearing your voices. Blessings to you all. Hugs to babywoods and fruglehound. How are your two babies doing?

  2. Just learned that you will be on the Today Show this weekend (tomorrow?). Erica Hill did not say your names, but I recognized both of you. Looking forward to seeing your piece! I always watch the weekend Today Show and watch the weekday Today Show on days I work from home. Yippee!

  3. Loved listening to your interview on the mad fientist this morning! I’m always stoked when he releases a new episode, but it’s not every day you get to wake up to an interview with some of your favourite most inspiring bloggers. Oh and thanks for the tip about working at universities for free tuition, I will definitely be looking into that

  4. Hi there – found your website through the Mad Fientist. I’m in a similar situation as you guys – married, mid-30s, live in high-cost area (San Francisco), a few years away from FI (our goal is 2018), a baby on the way (our girl is due in March ’16), and trying to use these last few years to accelerate our savings. Granted, our savings rate is NOWHERE near yours so I’m very inspired. I also love that most of writing is done by Mrs. Frugalwoods, since most financial bloggers are men. Look forward to reading more posts about how you and your expanded family continue on this journey!

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