This week is all about relationships and money here on Frugalwoods! On Monday we heard from Sam Lustgarten, of, about his experiences with frugality as a single person. And today, I’m delighted to share my perspective on how frugality plays an integral role in my marriage over on I hope you’ll head over there now to read all about it!

We're pretty happy together, just making shadows
Don’t mind us, just making shadows

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  1. Headed over there now. But I think you’ll probably be horrified to learn that my wife and I have maintained separate finances for the 20-plus years we have been together. We each pay our share of joint expenses and go into big partnership purchases (like homes) together. But we have separate bank accounts, investment accounts and credit cards.

    1. Hey different strokes for different folks. I think everyone just has to find the system that works best for them–I certainly don’t judge!

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