Do you waste food? Want to know how Mr. Frugalwoods and I manage not to? Head on over to Club Thrifty where I’m delighted to be writing a guest post today all about how Mr. FW and I have slashed food waste like a ninja. If a ninja was in charge of not wasting food, that would pretty much be what we do. Don’t believe me? In the past month, we’ve thrown out a few grapes. That’s it. Why are you still here? Go to Club Thrifty posthaste!

Frugal Hound helps out in the kitchen (not really)
Frugal Hound helps out in the kitchen (not really)

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  1. I’ll see your ninja and raise you one shogun warrior. Rarely does food go to waste in our household. Sometimes our cat ends up eating the not-fit-for-human-consumption scraps of chicken or whatever we’re having, but otherwise it’s a rare occurrence to let food go bad in our household.

    1. Frugal Hound would _love_ to eat leftovers, but we’ve been advised by our very enthusiastic greyhound rescue group that their digestive systems tend to be quite sensitive.

      Other than an anchovy or two when I’m making puttanesca or caesar salad. I think that dog would stand on two legs and recite the declaration of independence for an anchovy. It’s like catnip for greyhounds.

  2. Almost any leftovers can be made into soup. I keep a container in the freezer labelled soup and anything I’m not using soon (like mushroom stems) go in until we make a pot.

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