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Frugal Hound here. Extremely overjoyed this week to be sniffing a cat in my periodic hound-series: Frugal Hound Sniffs. Cats are very tasty cute creatures and I am thrilled to introduce you, my dear readers, to Spumoni, the cat who lives with Shannon from Financially Blonde.

1) Who are you? What are you? And who are your parent(s)?

My name is Spumoni. I am a flame-point Himalayan cat. My parents are Bill and Shannon, though my real companion is their 8-year-old very energetic son, Will.


2) What frugal tips and tricks does your human use in your pet care regime?

I am debating whether it is frugality or laziness, but they use an automatic feeder to regulate my food amounts. They claim that the regulated amounts of food it delivers not only keep the food bills low, but keep me from getting fat and having other health issues down the road. Bill also brushes me, gets out my knots, and clips my nails himself. Since I have a lot of hair that gets knots, some people would pay $80 per visit to have me groomed, my parents just purchased a $40 furminator which does the trick. I tolerate this because I do like to look my best.

3) Favorite treat?

I don’t know what they give me, but I love it. I have got them trained so that when I go to the drawer where they keep my treats, I meow and stand on two legs. Works every time!!

spumoni54) Favorite toy?

I found a bunch of Will’s super balls. These things are fun and make lots of noise as I roll them around the house. I like to annoy Bill by rolling them under things and then meowing until he retrieves them for me.

5) What’s the most expensive thing you’ve destroyed?

I really like my scratching post, so I don’t feel the urge to go after the furniture. However, Will has a rug in his room that I love to pick at. I have frayed parts of it pretty well, if I do say so myself.

6) Most embarrassing moment?

We have hardwood floors, not the easiest thing to get traction on. One day, after I got my nails cut, I was racing through the house (you know, it was crazy time, and I was enjoying it to the fullest). Anyway, I raced into the kitchen, was going to make the turn for the den, lost my grip and slid full on into the trash can. I casually walked off as if nothing happened, but also decided to make the same run again, which unfortunately resulted in a second trip into the trash can. Bill witnessed this twice and will not let me forget it.

spumoni37) How often do you get a bath and would you say it’s too often?

I stay pretty clean, but there have been a few incidents that have resulted in a bath. Usually it happens when I get poop stuck in my butt. What can I say? I have long hair and I would rather have a bath then have Bill and Shannon shave my butt area. Also, don’t tell all my other cat friends, but I love water. When I was a kitten, my parents tried to use a water bottle to prevent me from doing things (which is how you are supposed to train cats), but I just stood there when they sprayed me. So I don’t really mind the occasional bath. Like I said before, I like to look good.

8) What is your family’s financial plan or goals and how do you contribute?

My family often discusses their goals in terms of something they call “financial freedom.” This apparently has a lot to do with making sure Will can go to college, that they can live comfortably, but not excessively, and that they can travel, particularly when Will starts learning more about places in the US and the world in school. As for my part, I try to stay in shape to be healthy, after all, health care costs can really derail things. I accept the fact that Bill grooms me and I don’t need to go to a paid professional. I also accept the feeder, water tank, and litter box setup without any complaints, as they are more economic in the long run. In addition, they can all go away for several days and not have to spend money boarding me or hiring someone to come in and feed me. That turns out to be a big savings.

Spumoni29) What is your best skill?

I am an excellent trainer of humans. I have got this group all set to my standards. When I want to be scratched, get fresh water, treats, etc., a few quick moves or meows, and I get what I need. If I feel everyone is sleeping too late on a Saturday, I hop up on top of them and meow until someone gives me attention. Then when I want to nap, I find a nice spot and crash (my favorite being whatever papers or computer will be needed the soonest).

10) BONUS QUESTION–ask and answer any question of your choice! If you could be any other animal, what would you be?

Why would I choose to be any other animal? I am already at the top as I am. Any other animal would just be beneath me.


The End.

Well, Spumoni, I think the obvious correct answer to #10 is GREYHOUND. I’ll let this slide since I am a professional journalist who never allows personal bias to impact my articles. You are clearly a very lovely and fluffy cat who brings great joy to your humans.

Mrs. Frugalwoods here: I want to thank Shannon for submitting this fabulous interview! I’m a big fan of her blog, Financially Blonde, and I highly encourage you to check out her writing. You won’t be disappointed!

Are you a pet?

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Frugal Hound

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  1. Spumoni sends a big meow of thanks to Frugal Hound and he feels honored to be the first cat interviewed by Frugal Hound. The Financially Blonde family thanks the Frugalwoods family for letting us participate in this. It was tons of fun!

  2. Ummm, I don’t think Spumoni got the memo that you were supposed to be pretend sleeping in the last picture 😉 But I love the picture so much!

    We cut one of the cats claws last night, and he went through his crazy time – there were a few traction issues similar to Spumoni. I’ll admit I laughed so loud, and he sulked away mad at me for laughing so openly.

  3. Spumoni you are very pretty tutty tat, I must say! Sounds like you are well loved and cared for. Maserati driving into the garbage can (twice!) shows you are a risk taker. I guess that’s why you don’t mind taking baths. I love the last picture of you with your dreaming (or is it sleeping?) owners under the Christmas tree. You were too excited waiting for your presents and treats to fall asleep, I guess.

  4. I love the look on a cat’s face that seems to say, “Really?” and Spumoni certainly delivers the classic cat look. Great interview and I’m glad Spumoni really gets the need for all the work it takes to keep looking good!

  5. I’m sorry kitty but I would have laughed at you too if you slipped into the trash can. Im sure you were pretty grumpy about it. BTW the picture of you with your human family at Christmas is hilarious. They all look peaceful and you look like you want to eat the photographers eyeballs out. I don’t blame you…I’m not a fan of Christmas either. Too many happy people. hee!

  6. How adorable!! My one cat does the same thing as Spumoni in the first picture – paw up. It’s an amusing pose. Whenever I move the slights bit toward the kitchen, our kitten will make a beeline for the counter, thinking she’s getting treats. Oh cats.

  7. Oh my gosh, is the fulminator real? And do fish count as pets? I totally count my fish as a pet. Also, Spumoni reminds me of the Queen of England saying “we are not amused” in that top picture. It’s all I can think when I look at it 😛

    1. Frugal Hound is very jealous that you met a cat in person! It’s a life goal of hers. I don’t think it’s ever going to happen 🙂

    1. You should! Blurry dog photos are accepted :). I must admit I’ve never heard of Jenna Marbles. Is this something I should be watching?

  8. Adorable kitty and this series always cracks me up. We have long haired pets too and I feel like at least once a year we end up soaking one of them in the tub to dislodge #2 that got stuck in their fur (gross!). We’re fans of the furminator as well. Big money saver if you use it diligently and can skip the groomer.

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