Our beloved Frugal Hound

I didn’t want to write this post. Or more accurately, I didn’t want to have to ever write this post. I am sad to share that Frugal Hound died unexpectedly last week. We are grieving and still reeling from how quickly she left us, but I felt it was important to let all of you know about her passing since she was such an integral part of Frugalwoods and of our family.

The Blessing And The Curse Of A Sudden Death

Last Monday, Mr. Frugalwoods and I were awakened early in the morning to the sound of things being knocked over downstairs. We rushed down to find Frugal Hound struggling across the floor, without the use of her hind legs. She’d had a stroke or seizure that rendered her mostly paralyzed. We laid her down on her bed and tried to get her to relax.

Sitting never was one of FH’s fortes

Her breathing was labored and it was soon clear that she’d lost control of her body and its functions. Our wonderful neighbor came over early in the morning to watch Babywoods so that Mr. FW and I could rush Frugal Hound to the vet together. Our vet confirmed that she’d had a neurological episode and was no longer with us cognitively. A few months ago, Frugal Hound had a minor version of this stroke/seizure, which left her only partially paralyzed and only for about an hour. We took her to the vet immediately after this initial episode and they ran blood work, did testing, and couldn’t find anything wrong with her. Frugal Hound recovered quickly that first time and was back to her old self, so we assumed she was fine, but clearly, something sinister was at work in her brain.

We made the painful decision to have her put down as she was unable to stand, control her bodily functions, eat, drink, or respond to any stimuli. Her life had ended. We hated how short and violent her final few hours were, but at the same time, we are comforted by the knowledge that she didn’t suffer for a long period of time. Just the night before, she’d happily played with her toys, eaten a full dinner, taken a walk, and snuggled up next to the woodstove. She was, in other words, living her best life right up until the end. We’re grateful she didn’t have to endure a lengthy, protracted or painful illness, even though the sudden nature of her death hit us hard.

Mr. FW and I keep recounting her final hours to each other and questioning our actions and if we could’ve done anything else to make her happier or more comfortable. On one hand, we both wish we could’ve given Frugal Hound a final day of fun–a day of eating roast chicken (her favorite) and walks and snuggles and a slow, leisurely goodbye. But in the same breath we know that, in many ways, this was a better end for her. Frugal Hound hated car rides, was terrified of new situations, and really preferred not to leave the house except for walks. If we’d had to drive her back and forth to the vet’s office for weeks or months for treatments or tests, she would’ve been miserable. Her annual car ride to the vet was traumatic enough; I can’t imagine trying to cart her back and forth on a more regular basis. That dog did NOT like the car and the vet’s office even less. Coaxing her to merely step onto the scale at the vet caused her to tremble in fear. Knowing this about her, the swift and sudden nature of her death was certainly less traumatic for her. This brings us some comfort as we grapple with how quickly we lost her.

Remembering Frugal Hound

A girl and her hound

Frugal Hound–whose real name was Gracie–was our beloved eight-year-old greyhound. We adopted her in 2012 after she retired from the greyhound race track and was rescued and rehabilitated by a wonderful greyhound adoption agency, Greyhound Options. When we lived in the city, Frugal Hound delighted in our walks around the neighborhood and was a known lover of sniffing other dogs. A quiet animal, she never barked, rarely roo-ed, and only occasionally grunted when she settled into just the right position on her doggie bed.

Frugal Hound was an illustration of our commitment to spend on our priorities. It’s certainly more frugal not to have pets, but we chose to have Frugal Hound as part of our lives because of the great happiness she brought to us. Spending on things that deliver long lasting happiness is in alignment with our mission to live luxuriously frugal lives.

Miserliness doesn’t enter into our equation and our care of Frugal Hound was testament to that. Your version of frugality will enshrine different priorities than ours, but the overarching key is to identify the things that matter most to you–and that bring you the deepest happiness–and to spend only on those things. Letting go of the unnecessary morass of spending frees you up to spend on what matters.

Frugal Hound: Paragon Of The Joys Of Simple Living

The lazy, the content, the Frugal Hound

In many ways, Frugal Hound epitomized the ethos of simple living that I espouse. She was a profoundly content animal who didn’t need much in order to be happy. Her needs were few, her wants even fewer, and she never did anything she didn’t want to do… which is probably why we failed to ever teach her any tricks. She couldn’t be bothered.

She would halfheartedly give us a high-five before we set her bowl of food down, but even that was done with her characteristic laziness and imprecise execution. So zen-like was Frugal Hound that Mr. Frugalwoods and I often referenced her as our shining example of what it means to live the good life every single day. That dog was lazy, she knew it, and she did not care.

Frugal Hound was our in-house zen master because she was wholly unconcerned with anything beyond her control. She took life as it came and didn’t waste time stressing out over what might be or what might not be. Life simply was for her. And while I’m not advocating for her extreme brand of laziness, there are many lessons I derived from her on the importance of enjoying each day and not giving into stress over the future or regret over the past.

Our deer-eyed hound

Frugal Hound’s life started out pretty rough as a racing greyhound, and when we first adopted her, she was shy, skittish, and unsure of us. But as time wore on, and she learned to trust us, she relaxed into our family and lolled around the living room on her back–the utmost in greyhound comfort positions. We noticed after a year that she no longer ducked when we reached out to pet her, she didn’t wince when she heard voices, and she was generally content with her lot in life. Frugal Hound let go of her traumatic past in order to take pleasure from the life that we offered to her.

Frugal Hound didn’t need many material possessions in order to be happy. No monthly Bark Box, no constant influx of toys and treats, no endless spending at pet stores. Frugal Hound happily existed with a small retinue of toys, blankets, two dog beds, and a doggie heating pad (greyhounds are, after all, quite thin and rather hairless beasts in need of some auxiliary warmth). I’ve detailed all the ways in which we frugalized Frugal Hound’s care over the years and, if you’re interested, you can peruse the following posts:

One thing we never skimped on were her annual vet exams, and preventative medications, as this was part of our focus on what really matters. A dog does not need mountains of toys; a dog does need regular preventative health care. When you isolate the variables of any given situation–pet care, kid care, a holiday–I find you can identify what’s crucial, spend on that, and then choose not to spend on the unnecessary fringes.

Losing A Friend

Classic greyhound snooze position

Frugal Hound’s death leaves a hole in our family and an absence that can’t be filled by anything else. It’s strange to come home and not hear her clacking across the floor to greet us. It’s alarming to see the empty spaces on the floor where her beds and food bowls used to sit. It’s difficult for us to talk about her and harder still for Babywoods to comprehend that she’s lost her best friend.

I have to say that the feeling was not mutual and Frugal Hound really could’ve done without Babywoods, but she gamely tolerated her presence. Babywoods would recline on her bed next to her, bring her entire play food meals, hug her, read books to her, and follow her around. Frugal Hound, for her part, vacillated between ignoring Babywoods, walking away, and resigning herself to doggie hugs from a two-year-old. She was the gentlest, most patient dog in the world with the youngest member of the family and through their interactions, Babywoods learned to be gentle, to show respect, and to demonstrate empathy.

FH gamely tolerated Babywoods’ attentions

Just a few days before Frugal Hound’s death, Babywoods proclaimed–unprompted–while lounging on the dog bed, “this is my greyhound and I LOVE her.” We were very direct in explaining to Babywoods that Frugal Hound died and won’t be coming home, that we miss her and that we loved her.

So far, she hasn’t asked many questions and seems to be taking it in stride, but I have no doubt it’s a topic that’ll be brought up at great length in the future by our incredibly verbal and insightful toddler. Mr. FW and I didn’t see any reason to obfuscate or shield Babywoods from the fact that Frugal Hound died since death is a natural part of life and needs to be acknowledged, managed, and grieved. Plus, euphemisms with a literal toddler would not go over well and could lead to a fear over “taking a trip” or “going to sleep.”

Another element that makes Frugal Hound’s death feel even more tragic to us is the fact that our second child is due in a month. I’d always imagined our second baby similarly enjoying growing up in the sweet presence of Frugal Hound and there’s something unsettling to me about the fact that this child won’t know this dog. It is, I suppose, the evolving nature of our time on earth, but it’s a painful realization nonetheless. People have asked if we’ll get another dog and I honestly don’t know. Not right now. We can’t ever replace Frugal Hound and we’re not ready to think about another dog quite yet.

Final Thoughts

Family photo

Frugal Hound always served as a great comfort to our family and she taught us to live for the moment, every single day. Humans get snared in the race for success, for getting things done, for achievement–dogs do not. Humans hold grudges, live in fear, and self-sabotage–dogs do not.

Through her immense simplicity, Frugal Hound taught us to slow down and appreciate the wonders of seeing wildlife while on a hike (in one memorable instance, a wild turkey dropped out of a tree a few feet in front of Frugal Hound), of relishing your dinner, and appreciating your warm spot by the wood stove. Would that we could all live so fully, so simply, and go so quickly and with such little suffering.

Have you lost a pet? How did you cope with your grief?

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  1. I’m so sorry for your family’s sudden loss. I came to check your blog (on my frequently visited page) but I didn’t expect this update at all.

    This was too much Mrs. FW. First of all, Frugal Hound shares the same name as our dog (Grace) who is soundly sleeping next to me legs right now.

    Our Gracie rarely barks too, maybe a roo once a week but definitely a soft huff or grunt like she’s afraid of her own voice. My Gracie also had a hard start and your description of Gracie’s first year matched our experience with our Grace’s first year almost exactly. She didn’t want us to touch her for the first month, tolerated it for the next 6 months and it wasn’t until the first year with us that she began to show affection. It was a hard earn love but more than worth it.

    Our Grace also has trouble with children, if we ever have a baby, our Gracie would react the same way too. That was one of our concerns regarding children.

    I’ve shed a few tears in your Gracie’s honor. I’m sure she was a good good doggie.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Frugal Hound, Frugalwoods family. Her presence on your blog was always an added benefit of stopping by… her bright eyes and hilarious poses (or outfits!) made my day on more than one occasion. I am glad to hear she did not suffer much, but I am heartbroken for your family… it is never easy to lose a member of your day to day life.

    I don’t have much on the side of suggestions for the grief, but I think your post today is a beautiful tribute to the lessons learned and gifts you and your family received from the Frugal Hound. I really like your “Final Thoughts”… I wonder if printing those words (or a version of it) and framing it with a favorite picture or 2 to hang in your daughters’ rooms would be a nice remembrance. Something they can find joy in (“hey- doggie!”) and you can have a reminder of her life and impact.

    Again, I am so sorry for your loss and I know I am among many of your readers who will miss the Frugal Hound’s beautiful presence on your blog.

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss. I always enjoyed seeing the picture of her on the blog. It’s always difficult when a decision like this has to made. I’ll definitely be praying for you and your family.

  4. I’m so sorry for your loss. Pets are family members, and it is always tough to lose one. I have had pets die suddenly, as well as lose pets after long, drawn-out sicknesses. Both ways are equally tough. Gracie had a wonderful life with you guys.

  5. I’m so sorry for your loss. Dogs are part of the family, and I’m giving my dogs some extra attention before work today. She had a wonderful life with you in the city and on the homestead.

  6. So sorry for losing a wonderful pet and family member. We lost our loving boston terrier two months before our second child was born, the day after Christmas. The circumstance seems eerily similar to yours. Coping is not easy and took months. I am still not sure if my wife will ever be over it, but time helps. Pictures help. We still have pictures of ours all over the house. Mostly ones with her laying next to the kids. We found comfort talking about all wonderful memories you shared and not focusing on the last few days.

  7. I am so sorry to hear this! And whatever about performing tricks, I think all of Frugalwoods Nation owes a debt to Frugal Hound for posing so patiently for so many hilarious photos! I also feel for Babywoods. My first pet death, at the considerably more grown up age of five, was our canary bird, and I still remember how upset I was by this. You might want to consider adopting another dog, once Miss Babywoods the Younger is safely born and out of her most intensive infant care needs.

  8. My sincere condolences with the loss of your lovely hound. At least you can look back on a great time, for both you and her.
    Now there is only something with a rainbow bridge……

  9. I’m sorry to read about your dog’s death. I’ve been reading your blog for two years and loved seeing her pics on the blog. My condolences to you and your family.

  10. So very sorry and saddened to read this. Gracie had a wonderful six years with you, she was blessed. Sending love and support your way from NH.

  11. Lots of love to everyone in the family. It takes time to heal, but one day you will be able to look back fondly on all your fun memories and the happy thoughts will outweigh the deep pain and loss that will ache for some time. Our furry friends are true gifts to us in this life, and a constant reminder of the power of unconditional love.

  12. I am so sorry to hear this, I have an ex racing grey myself and they are such beautiful animals. I loved how Frugal Hound let you dress her up. My sincere condolences on your loss

  13. I am so very sorry for your loss. Losing a dog is the worst part of dog ownership. After my last dog, it took me over a decade to get another, because it was so hard. You provided Frugalhound with an amazing and loved life.

  14. So sorry to hear about the loss of Frugal Hound. I was sad to receive your email this am – I’ve been a reader for years and always enjoyed hearing stories about her. RIP Gracie!

  15. Frugalwoods, I feel for you. Through your posts and pics, I actually felt like I knew FrugalHound. Just remember she had a great life. What more could a hound want than what you gave her. I lost my 20 year old (!!!) Bengal cat 2 years ago and it too was devastating. The hole in my heart and life was worse than I imagined. I waited several months before getting another pet. I didn’t want a rebound cat. But 6 months ago I adopted an adult rescue tabby and she’s become a beloved part of our family. Don’t rush into another dog, but when the time is right, you will know.

    1. I agree–when you have room in your heart and in your lives for a new pet, you will know. The animals might know, too, and take the opportunity to show up.

      Frugalwoods family, I’m so sorry for your loss 🙁

  16. Sorry for your loss. Pets are family.

    There is a wonderful book called The Memory Tree by Britta Teckentrup which helped our 2 year old with processing death immensely. It also helped my husband and I a remarkable amount. If you can borrow it or get it from the library, I highly recommend it.

      1. I am utterly sorry for your loss. I know personally what a difficult lesson it is to learn loss and cope with grief. I wish you all all the comfort and healing, especially you Liz , as I can imagine with the hormones you are feeling it deeper and stronger. Here are a couple off suggestions that helped me:

        Pet Loss books:
        -The Pet Loss Companion by Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio and Nancy Saxton- Lopez
        -Goodbye, Friend: Healing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has Ever Lost a Pet by Gary Kowalski

        A Wonderful Children’s Book
        -Cry, Heart, But Never Break
        by Glenn Ringtved (Author),‎ Charlotte Pardi (Illustrator),‎ Robert Moulthrop (Translator)

        A insightful book about grief and healing afterwards
        -Grieving Mindfully: A Compassionate and Spiritual Guide to Coping with Loss by Sameet M. Kumar PhD

        Belleruth Naparstek’s Grief meditation and affirmations helped me to breath when I could not

        Tara Brach’s compassionate heart and voice can bring solace

        https://www.ekhartyoga.com/classes/grief -another meditation that helped me tremendously

        I know you do yoga and this site has wonderful and wise teachers
        You can try for a month free. There are prenatal classes as well. During this period, opt for restorative classess to reground and recenter. Also yin yoga can help you to come to yourself especially with two kids you will need time to “breathe” and “just be.”
        I wish love and light…

    1. I agree, that is a wonderful book. We also love Badger’s Parting Gifts, by Susan Varley, as well as Dog Heaven, by Cynthia Rylant.

      I am so very sorry about Frugal Hound.

  17. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet Gracie. My own sweet girl Becca went down a very similar path in her final hours and I can empathize with all the feelings that it adds to the already painful loss.

  18. Omg! I’m really sorry for your loss. Pets are members of the family. I became suicidal when my last dog died unexpectedly. I still blame myself for his death.

  19. A heart breaking read and I’m so sorry for you loss. I love your blog and frugal hound was a dear favourite. Sending you all love and strength x

  20. While I’m an avid reader of your blog, I’ve never commented. I just want to send my condolences. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed FH photos, stories, and costumes. She was beautiful & very obviously a kind and gentle soul. She will be missed by many.

  21. I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine the sorrow you feel. My condolences to you and your family.

  22. Losing a pet is arguably the worst thing in the world, and I cry for your family. I’ve lost dogs in the past, and I dread the day it happens again. Take comfort in knowing you gave her a wonderful life, and that she loved you and was your baby’s first best friend (however reluctantly on Gracie’s part). I will fondly remember Frugal Hound’s fashion sense and demonstrations of advice. I’m so sorry for your loss <3

  23. I am so sorry. A post with Frugal Hound in it was always a favourite, and I especially loved the picture of Babywoods reading to her recently. When our cat died I took comfort, like you, in knowing he was well and active until shortly before his death. You gave Gracie the best and most loving life, and she wouldn’t want you to be too sad. Know that many, many people will remember her with joy. XXX

  24. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I loved your photos of Frugal Hound in her various outfits, slightly mournful but always patiently posing.

    Best wishes from Amanda in England

  25. So sorry for your loss – I am not a dog person but I loved hearing about Frugalhound’s antics and seeing your photos. May she rest in peace x

  26. So sorry to to hear about FH. I have had 6 rescue greyhounds over the years and right now I have one. His name is Cody and he looks just like FH. It’s so hard when you lose a friend like FH. I am fortunate enough to live in a rural area and have been able to burry my hounds on my property.

    On getting another hound. I know it’s tough and you will never be able to replace FH, but I always looked at it this way. When one of my hounds died, it opened up an opportunity to rescue another g-hound. I know my g-hound would not want to die in vain and this would give another g-hound an opportunity for a new lease on life and a loving family.

    RIP FH.

  27. I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for writing so eloquently and humanly about this experience. It is so very difficult to lose a beloved companion animal.

  28. So sorry to hear that Frugalhound has passed. My friend had a rescue greyhound that died in a nearly identical way. Losing a pet is really hard. Something about their innocence makes it that much more difficult.

  29. I am so sorry for your loss. We lost our dog the same way almost 2 years ago. We still cry for her and the gap in our family she has left.frugal hound had a fantastic life and lots of love.

  30. I have been reading your blog for years, and feel like I know frugal hound ! Thank you for always including her in your story. I am so sad to hear this and I wish you and your husband peace at this time.

  31. Oh I am so, so desperately sorry for your sad loss. Frugalhound was a wonderful dog, a real part of your family and clearly her quiet love and devotion will be sorely missed by you all. Some people say pets are like children, but I disagree. Children are ”meant” to grow up, leave us, they’re on loan as it were. We’re teaching them to literally ”go away”. With pets, especially dogs, we are their entire lives. They live – all being well – a complete life with us, their owner. The upsides are so many, the downside, apart from day-to-day annoyances, is that very often, almost always, the moment comes when we must either be confronted with a sudden, devastating loss OR have to make a final decision out of kindness and love for our devoted, trusting friend. How wonderful that your lovely girl had you as her little world, that she got to have all the experiences, adventures, food, excellent quality care and general sense of belonging that most of us mammals really want. If it was neurological, there would have been very little actual pain, in fact, very little suffering for her. It was all over in a very short time, and the bulk of the suffering would have been felt by you, not her. She may have been a bit confused, but that would be about the extent of it. Dogs are privileged to live literally in the moment, with no worry about ”what does this mean?”. She was able to trust you to take care of her and to help her to be comfortable right until the end of her life.

    The curse of the sudden death is the suddenness, the ”but… but, THEY WERE FINE”, the blessing is also the suddenness. How lovely to have had a happy, normal day, doing normal stuff with no real cares or concerns. My mum died suddenly last year and (obviously) it’s hardly the same thing BUT the fact is, while I am reeling and bereft at the giant mum-shaped hole and loneliness of losing her, I would choose it again because it was sudden, it wasn’t painful and it didn’t cause her terror or suffering. The same applies to your darling doggie. She had a wonderful life, then felt a bit weird, then went to sleep with her mum and dad right there with her.


  32. I’m sorry to hear about Frugal Hound, it sounds like she was a wonderful dog and friend. I lost my cat in a similar way and there’s no way to lessen the hurt but I found it helped me to remember all the good things she brought into my life and to talk about her with people who know what a great friend she was.

    I always feel that her final gift was the hours me and my husband spent caring for her at the end, because she allowed us to appreciate a deeply caring and tender side of one another, and that sad night is something I’ll always value.

  33. I’m so sorry for your loss. Frugalhound – Gracie – has been such a beautiful part of your family. I pray that you take comfort in the fact that you saved her from a life of fear and gave her what I consider to be a beautiful life of leisure and love (maybe more love than she would have chosen from Babywoods but I don’t think there’s a thing as too much love). Sending love and prayers.

  34. I’m so sorry for your loss! I don’t think I ever commented here before but I’m a long time reader (I think 3 years) so it was so sad to read this news. I’ve shed a few tears (and some more). I hope you’ll recover.

  35. Words are not enough at the moment. xx Frugal Hound was a true lady and I absolutely loved all the funny photos she posed for. I wish you all much love as you cope with her loss. xx

  36. I’m so so sorry and my heart breaks for you and your family. It’s so hard to lose a beloved pet. They are such an integral part of our lives with the unconditional love and happiness they give us and I can’t imagine not having a pet.

  37. I am soo sorry to hear of your loss. Frugal Hound was a great joy to watch through your blog and will be greatly missed. For all she taught you, you taught her just as much (how to love and trust again are just 2 examples). I have sadly been through the pain of losing a pet a few times and there is no one way to deal, just don’t beat yourself up about what you could have or should have done or noticed. Frugal Hound was happy to the last day and that’s all that matters. Think about the good times and hang some photos in a prominent place. Hugs!

  38. I was shocked when I read this. It feels like I have lost a dear friend and companion. I still remember when I had to take our cancer stricken cat to the the vet to be put down, it was not easy to see his lifeless body laying on the vet’s examination table, with his eyes open, as if he would start talking to me. I am very very sorry to hear this bad news. Our condolences are with you and I wish you get another chance to get a selfless companion.

  39. I’m so sorry for your loss. There is no easy way to lose a dog, and no right way to grieve. As always, you sound very wise in your approach; but being wise doesn’t mean hurting less. Please accept all the love and well wishes from your many readers, including myself.

  40. Oh I am so sorry to hear this. Sending you a big hug!
    She had a good life – bringing lots of happiness to you and also to us readers around the world. We will all miss her funny photos and beautiful eyes. No advice other than remembering the good things and appreciating the time you had with her.

  41. So sorry for your loss! What a beautiful rememberance of a 4 legged family member who was deeply loved. RIP frugal hound.

  42. I’ve only been visiting your blog for a few weeks, but had already gotten quite attached to FH, being a dog owner myself. Your family is in my thoughts as you go through this tough time. Thank you for your post and sharing your memories and grief with us.

  43. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear this. 🙁 God be with you in your healing process. Pets are such a part of the family.

  44. So sorry for your loss. A few years ago, my 10 year old golden retriever got a muscle disease, she didn’t die overnight but she went pretty quickly. It felt so empty after she was gone. But over time, it does get a little easier

  45. Words cannot express how hard it is to lose a loved one. I’m so sorry for your loss. My family was in a similar situation a few years ago and the best recommendation that I can give to you is to remember how good of a life you gave to Frugal Hound. You gave her an amazing life filled with love and comfort and allowed her a chance to heal herself from her earlier life, to get rid of her fear and just be herself. That’s the greatest gift you could have given her. I’ve been volunteering as an adoption counselor for the local humane society for years so I hear a lot of stories of loss and love, and in terms of getting another dog – give yourselves time to grieve, you’ll know when or/if the time is right to add another furry family member.

  46. I’m so very sorry to hear about Gracie and for your family’s loss. She was a sweet dog and well and truly loved.

  47. I am so sorry for the loss of frugalhound. I really enjoyed all the pictures you had of her in your articles. I often secretly wished I could come over and hug her. Thanks again for all your wonderful articles and sorry to hear about the death of frugalhound. LISA

  48. I am so, so sorry for your loss!! I will be thinking sweet thoughts of Frugalhound/Gracie and sending loving thoughts to your family. Do the best you can in this tough time.

  49. So sorry to hear about your hard times fw. I find it comforting to focus on the wonderful life that you were able to curate for the pup. I’m sure not many dogs get the life that frugalpup did. I hope you find solace quickly. Thank you for sharing your experiences and helping us (readers) live better lives.

  50. So sorry for your loss.I have been here myself many times.its so sad animals bring so much love to a person’s life and don’t expect much back.bless her and stay strong .you did all you could and more.love to you all.xxx.

  51. My heart sank when I saw the title of this post. Our sweet terrier dog we adopted from an animal shelter 10 years ago died suddenly last fall in the same way, a sudden seizure and likely stroke. Our vet assured us he wasn’t in pain after the intital incident. I’m glad you were able to give Gracie a happy life and you have many wonderful memories of her.

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss! I sincerely hope Gracie didn’t feel any pain after the stroke–that is a great comfort to us.

  52. So sorry to hear that Frugalhound has died; it is so hard to lose a pet. Your family gave her a wonderful retirement.

  53. Im so sorry for your loss. Loosing a friend is terrible, but your love for her will keep her memory alive. Take care during this final weeks of pregnancy and keep in mind that Babywoods 2 will know Gracie through you.

  54. I am so so so sorry. I lost my best furry friend about 2 years ago at the young old ripe age of 6 due to lymphoma which appeared suddenly. I still miss him everyday. I have yet to bring another furry friend into my life. I hope you and your family do. There aren’t any words.

  55. Ok I didn’t anticipate crying at work to start my week. So sorry to hear of Gracie’s loss. She seemed like a fine dog and I was always happy to see her in your posts. Growing up, my parents had a cat that ended up passing away from nose cancer. She fought for years and in the end simply couldn’t fight anymore. I hope Gracie has many years chasing and catching rabbits on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

  56. Mrs FW,
    I’m so sorry for the loss of Frugal Hound, Gracie. I’m such a fan of your work and have learned so much through it. It’s so sad to hear of your sweet dog’s passing. Thinking of you all and sending happy thoughts.

  57. So sorry for your tremendous loss. Frugalhound photos made your posts even more enjoyable. Easy to tell from them how much you all loved her. There is nothing like the loss of a pet. Where else can you get unconditional love? Dog owners prayer: Lord, help me to be the person my dog thinks I am.

  58. Yes, sincerest sympathy to the entire FW family. Many of us have known your loss in our lives, and so we can sincerely share empathy. One thing I think you are grateful for, Liz, that I didn’t think I read was that you were both home with her when her stroke occurred. Another benefit of your lifestyle. I know it was at night, but if it occurred in the day while you were both working outside the home, it would have been far more difficult for everyone, including Gracie. My sincerest condolences, we all will miss her sweet face on the blog. What a lovely post you wrote about her. As with everything you write, it shows your very kind nature and big heart. Please take special care of yourself right now, as you are so close to your delivery.

    1. Thank you! Yes, we feel tremendously fortunate that we were home and able to attend to her immediately. I can’t imagine how awful it would’ve been if she’d been alone and suffering.

  59. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your lovely dog, so sad to lose a much loved pet. I loved seeing her face on your blog posts x

  60. I am so sorry for the loss of your lovely and beloved, Gracie. Losing a pet is hard. This post was a beautiful tribute.

    Our senior husky/malamute mix dog took a lot of care in the last three years of his life. When it was clear that he was living his last day, we made that hard decision to let him go. He was 15 years old. At that point, there was a sense of loss mixed with a bit of relief too. My round-the-clock duties were suddenly over. We knew we had done everything to make his life happy and comfortable.

    A friend gave us the picture book Dog Heaven by Cynthia Rylant. She had received it as a gift when her dog died, and she asked us to pass it along to another family who needed it when their time came. It is a sweet story for adults and children alike. A few years later, we gave the book to a friend and asked her to continue the tradition of passing it on to someone who needed the comfort of the story. I like to think of that book exchanging hands and soothing souls.

    It took three years before I was ready for another dog. Now, we have a beautiful black lab named Millie. She’s a delight.

  61. So sorry to hear about Frugalhound. I’ve owned dogs all of my life, and never easy to lose one. There is an empty feeling in the family when they are gone. I hope to read that you’ll be adding a new pet after being settle with babywoods #2.

  62. I am so sorry about Frugalhound. I always loved seeing pictures of her! We had to put down our two rescued dogs due to (1) cancer and (2) old age and it’s related problems and cancer. Honestly, we never got another one because I don’t want to get that attached again. In the fall of 2016, my daughter and her family lived with us while renovating their new house. This included my granddog! We had a special bond-he was also a rescue-a big white fluffy dog named Toby. My three year old grandson always had Toby in his life and loved him. On December 26, 2016, Angel Paws came to our home and humanely ended Toby’s life. He had developed a very aggressive cancer and it was only days after we found out-not much time to prepare my grandson. We all told him Toby was very, very sick and would not get better. Then we took him out of the house while doggy hospice came. At first, our grandson was constantly saying he missed Toby and we would say we all miss him. And to this day, out of the blue he will still say that. This is how we all handled Toby’s death with with a three year old. I think you did it the right way with your two year old. I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a beloved pet is so difficult.

  63. This is my first time posting even though I’ve been reading for months, but I wanted to send my condolences. We’ve had several cats over the years, and at the end you’re always wondering, “What if?” “Did we do everything we could?” “Did we do TOO MUCH?” Believe me, you did just enough.

  64. I am so sorry to learn of the loss of your beloved pet. Our pets really do become members of our family and we miss them dearly when they are gone. My family has been in your shoes, more than once. People always ask if you are going to get another dog. Our answer was “Maybe, but we are going to take our time to grieve the loss of this one first.” One thing my husband and I did that seemed to help our son and daughter (who were a bit older than Babyhoods) when we had to put our Golden Retriever down was to buy each of them a stuffed dog that looked similar to our beloved Shiloh. We allowed our son to have Shiloh’s collar to put on his stuffed dog and our daughter got Shiloh’s name tag to put on a little collar for her stuffed dog. They both slept with their stuffed animals for a while. As I said, however, they were a few years older than Babyhoods. I do like the idea of a special picture framed. Or you could make an ABC good for Babyhoods and include pictures of Frugalhound for the “D is for doggie.”

  65. Hugs to your family as you navigate through the loss of your dear Gracie. Didn’t God have a fantastic idea when He created dogs!

  66. I’m so sorry!! She was such a sweet pooch. Thank you for sharing her with us – she certainly won’t be forgotten. <3

  67. I’m so sorry to hear about Frugal Hound. I work at an animal hospital, and see this type of thing more often than I would really like. I’ve also had to say goodbye to some of my pets too. One also had a seizure and so his end was sudden. It never gets easier. But you really did the best thing for her.

    Hugs to you and your family.

  68. I had almost an identical experience as yours in losing my dog to a stroke. I am sorry for your loss and understand it wasn’t easy to put her down. True love for your animal is doing what is best for the animal and y’all provided that for her.

  69. Long time reader, first time commentor. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my sphynx cat in the summer to cancer, and he had to be put down. His name was Smeagol. I cried reading your fond memories of Gracie… My heart goes out to your family. My condolences.

  70. I’m so, so sorry for your loss. It’s never easy to lose a beloved pet . We’re dealing with an aging (okay, very old) Golden Retriever that has been part of our family for 13 years and I pray that he can someday go as quickly as Frugal Hound. I can’t stand the thought of him suffering. Many prayers to you and thank you for sharing Frugal Hound with us!

  71. I’m am so sorry for your loss. We lost our spaniel Kelsey in a very similar manner a few years ago. It is a blessing that Gracie lived a happy life with you until her very last day.

  72. I am so, so sorry for your loss. Frugal Hound will certainly be missed!

    I lost my 6-year-old guinea pig, Roket, this weekend. Like Gracie/FH, he went suddenly. He was fine Friday morning. Friday evening, I went to give him a refill of hay, and found him cold and stiff in his pigloo.

    Like you said, a sudden death is a blessing as well as a curse. Roket appeared to have gone peacefully, in his sleep. He hadn’t been sick, he was just old. But if I’d known, I could have given him a little extra of his favorite veggies, or more cuddles. I would have stopped to pet him that morning instead of rushing out the door to get to work.

    In the end, though, all we have is that we did everything we could, and our furbabies were loved. Roket had a long, happy life, and Gracie clearly did as well.

    I wish your family peace during this time. You are all in my thoughts.

  73. Oh no! It is sad that your family has lost Frugalhound! Your little one will be missing her partner in snuggling! ❤️❤️

  74. Dear Frugal Friends,
    Words cannot adequately express how sorry I am for your loss. I wept for you as I read this, as I too have experienced the loss of beloved pets in my life. I do not have children, and have treated all the animals in my life as such…including my three hens, that while do not necessarily give “snuggles” as my cats do, give back to me every time they lay an egg that sustains us. It is never easy to lose our friends. We don’t want to think about it, but something deep inside us knows that when we take them into our lives, we have to also know that we will outlive them. Remembering what they gave to us in their lives, and knowing how we cared for them is the best way to heal. It was abundantly clear how special she was, as she was as much a part of your posts and blogs as anyone or anything else in your lives. I am so sorry 😢

  75. I am so very sorry to hear this and was sad to see this post in my inbox. Gracie was such a character and I will miss knowing she is on this earth.

    Losing a pet IS losing a member of the family. The negative space is immense. I’ve been through this many times, and it never gets any easier. But with time, I promise the happy memories will replace the sadness. You gave Gracie a great life and she still loves you, though from a different place. Hugs to you all.

  76. I’m so sorry about Frugalhound. A dog’s love is pure and constant. So hard when we lose that beautiful spirit from our lives. Hugs to you all.

  77. I am so saddened to learn of Frugalhound’s passing. 🙁 We too lost our dog recently – Nov. 3, 2017. We decided that the right thing to do was to put her down, as it was obvious that she was suffering from kidney failure, despite the fact that her blood work and x-ray didn’t show anything abnormal. One of the most difficult decisions to make, and I wept for weeks. We have not gotten another dog either – too soon. She was irreplaceable. Time heals all wounds, and maybe at some point in the future – but not yet. Still too raw. Again, I am so sorry. (((Hugs)))

    1. Thank you and my sympathies to you too. It’s so hard to lose these little creatures who are such an important part of our lives.

  78. I’m just so sorry for your loss. Our dog is such an important part of our family and he is seven. I can’t imagine losing him right now, specially so suddenly. I particularly can’t imagine going through this while pregnant. Our two-year-old love our pup so much and I know that would be a hard loss as well.

  79. I’m so sorry. We lost our sweet girl a couple of weeks ago so I know your pain all too well. I can certainly relate to reliving the last few hours and what we could have/should have done differently. It’s absolutely heartbreaking.

    We have a 3.5 year old and we got the book Dog Heaven for him. It’s very difficult to read without crying. He read it over and over again and slept with it for a couple of days, and then he kind of stopped talking about it. We of course still talk about the dog, but he doesn’t seem to have any issues with that. He talks about her but doesn’t ask about her coming back. He does want another dog though.

    1. I’m so sorry you just went through this too! Thank you for the book recommendation. We might have to look into that.

  80. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of Gracie. It sounds like she had a great life with you all and you loved her so much. We are thinking of getting a dog and I know my son will love having a little playmate around. The inevitable loss will be difficult, I’m sure, but I hope that the joy we have together will make it all worth it.

  81. What a testimony and tribute for Gracie! I feel sooo sad for your loss and honestly dread the day we loose our Chloe who is a 14 Year miniature Dachshund. We thought she was dying a couple of months ago but like Gracie she came back to life and seems fine, as we know momentarily. I agree completely with you that Chloe cannot be replaced as Gracie cannot be replaced. It’s evident Gracie had a wonderful life with you! Thank you for sharing with all of us though it must have been incredibly difficult to re-live it again.

  82. I am so sorry to hear this. I loved seeing Frugal Hound posts and photos; she was quite striking with those lovely eyes.

    We lost our beloved beagle nine years ago and I still miss him greatly. We had him cremated and and the vet gave us his remains in a beautiful little urn and made a couple of plaster imprints of his paws for us as well as sending a beautiful sympathy card.

  83. Oh, so sorry to hear this news!! My heart is with you. A huge part of the internet will miss Frugal Hound along with you. 🙁

  84. I’m so sorry for your loss! I have laughed many times at Frugalhound’s many costumes! She will be missed by your readers but not as much as your family will miss her. No matter how long we have our fur babies, it’s never long enough!

  85. I am in tears reading this, Liz. I have so much empathy for you, Nate, and Babywoods. As an avid animal lover, and the owner of two very senior dogs at the moment, I know I will be facing this same situation in the near future. We lost a beloved cat this past year that my daughter grew up with, pets teach children much about patience and companionship. I sometimes wonder if these pets sense a change in our lifestyle (births of children, moving, marriages, etc.) and exit when they feel you must make the transition without them. I also went through the loss of an 18 year old dog at the end of my first pregnancy, I felt he knew it was his time to go and let me focus my full attention on my new priority. To quote a line from the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes”: “Miss Gracie was a Lady. And a lady always knows when to leave”. Much hugs and blessings to our Frugalwoods Family.

  86. I am so sorry, Frugalwoods family. I have loved your many posts with her. Reading about her antics, and her great patience especially, reminded me of the dog I grew up with. I remember how hard it was to finally lose her. Since I’m also pregnant and due about when you are, I can relate to the level of hormones, emotions, etc., you must have going on too. Things that wouldn’t usually make me cry can get me at the moment, so it’s just a rough time for such a loss. Praying for you all. Enjoy the lovely memories of her – fifteen years later, I still love to think of my dog, and delight in seeing dogs that look like her.

  87. I’m so sorry for your loss of Gracie! I understand the sadness and hole that she leaves behind her, having lost two of my own dogs as an adult. They are such loyal, unselfish creatures and you never really stop missing them. My dear Prudence died at 9 years old; she was a rescue, too, and a mutt. I never expected her to die at such a relatively young age – she suffered with seizures for months despite my and our vet’s attempts to control them with meds. I was a single mom them and went through my meager savings to try to treat her – more palliative care – than any life-saving measures which were far too costly and without guarantee of success. She did suffer, I know, but when she was free of episodes, she was completely herself and seemingly unaffected. When I finally made the decision to put her down, it was heart wrenching and truthfully, I’ll never quite forget that image of leaving her on the vet office’s floor. I did the best I could, but I wish I could have done more. My heart goes out to you and I hope, with time, your grief lessens and your wonderful memories of Gracie give you comfort – obviously you gave her a lovely, frugal life. What a gift.

    1. I’m so sorry you went through something similar with your pup! Sounds like you did the best for her and I am sure she appreciated your love.

  88. I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing a beloved pet so quickly doesn’t give you time prepare. She lived the best life that a dog could live.

  89. I’m so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to your whole family. Loosing a loving pet is never easy, they are part of the family for sure.

    Just remember! You’ll always keep them close 💕 You’ll remember the quiet times, the goofy times and the loving times.


  90. First comment in ages, my heart goes out to you. Frugal Hound was a star of your blog and life and I thank you for sharing her escapades (well, I loved her snoozing photos) with us. I didn’t realize she only became part of your world in 2012! I enjoy your blog greatly and pee-ordered your book.

  91. I too am sorry for your loss…I enjoyed Gracie’s pictures in your blog and liked to know you had that pleasure in your family’s frugal lives. We lost our wonderful boxer/mastiff mix last year, similar end to Rocco’s life, accept we took him to the vet knowing we had to put him to sleep, we owed it to him to let him leave this world with us holding his big head; looking him in the eyes ; and telling him what a good boy he was…I miss him everyday…my thoughts and prayers are with you and the rest of your family.

  92. I am so sorry for your families sudden loss. As I sit here and type this through tears I am reminded of how impermanent things really are. We have a dog who I adopted before having a husband (or our three kids) who is now 14. She is definitely slowing down and showing signs of her age and I know that this time is coming as well for her. Pets while not always the frugal choice have brought so much joy to our family as they have yours. I have been following your blog and family for a few years now and your pup will be missed not only by your family but by your Frugalwoods family too. Sending your family love ❤️

  93. What a lovely post about your beloved family member. I was sorry to hear about Gracie’s death, one of the reasons I follow your blog is that you choose to live frugally yet understand the cost of pet ownership. You were lucky to have Grace as long as you did and she was lucky you saved her after such a hard life. Thankfully you have many wonderful memories to help you through this very difficult time. Thank you for sharing Gracie with us.

  94. Oh, I am so, so sorry. Frugalhound seemed like such a sweet, wonderful dog. Sending so many internet hugs to you guys. <3 <3 <3

  95. So sorry to hear about your loss.
    When we lost our cat last year, we had some comfort knowing he had been loved and lived a full life.

    From what I’ve read and seen in your pics, Frugal Hound had an abundance of happiness and love all around.

  96. I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. Though everyone’s pain is different, I understand what you are going through. I lost my beloved Toranaga (Tori) on January 3rd, also unexpectedly. He was my favorite of our seven cats. My heart hurts. Now, it hurts for your family, too. Many blessings.

  97. I am so very sorry to hear about FH. I enjoyed your post so much even as heart wrenching as it was. You are an amazing writer and I thank you for sharing your heart with us all. RIP Miss Gracie.

  98. Frugalwoods Family, I am so sorry for your loss of frugal hound. I loved the pictures of your sweet pup. We lost our sweet old Copper dog 3 years ago. I know what you mean about missing the sounds of her when you return home. We were not going to get another dog but after 2 1/2 month(I know, right?) we did get another dog from a rescue. He is nothing like Copper in any sense, size wise, looks or personality. Some day you will decide what is right for your family.

  99. I am so, so sorry to hear about Frugalhound’s passing. I’ve been there too. It will take time to recover. Cry, remind each other of all the good times, cry some more, and take comfort in knowing that Gracie had a wonderful life with you.

  100. I am so sorry for your family’s loss!
    My words of advice about coping with the grief has to do with the way young children process this. My son was 4 when our cat died. Like your daughter, he handled the news of the death well without much emotion. But at what seemed to be the most random times he would mention the cat and that he had died and then continue on with whatever he was doing. The first couple of times this happened I was still grieving and his mentioning the cat out of the blue would bring me to tears, so prepare yourself.

  101. It’s so hard, losing a pet. I wouldn’t call myself an animal person but I still cry when I think about the day my mom called me on the way to the vet to let me know that our family dog, Shelby, had to be put down. I take comfort thinking about how my mom made all his food from scratch those last few years, so that he could have the best quality of life possible. I remember how he loved to go on runs and walks with all of us and how often we obliged. And his end was quick too, and that is a blessing I think. No pain. My sincerest condolences on the loss of Frugalhound.

  102. I am so, so sorry to hear this. The loss of a pet is so devastating. That sweet dog had a wonderful life, beloved by her humans. I wish there were words that could make this better, but there are not. Just know that many of us understand this grief.

  103. I cried when I saw the title line of your email and my heart goes out to you. Frugal Hounds inspired us all and was a symbol for living simply and with love.

  104. I am so sorry to have read the news of the passing of the beautiful Frugal Hound. My thoughts are with you all.x.x.

  105. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss, I know it’s never easy. Our childhood pet died when I was in high school and it was a very painful experience. I hope you do find some comfort knowing that Frugal Hound was loved so much in your household and didn’t suffer too long.

  106. Sometimes losing a furbaby hits us harder than an elderly relative because their passing was expected. Our deepest sympathies to all of you at this very hard time. Knowing that the rainbow bridge exists has made it easier every time one of our furbabies has left.

  107. You all were so blessed to have each other. May your precious memories of her live within you always. My sincerest condolences…

  108. I’m so sorry for your loss. I loved reading about FrugalHound and how she was such an integral part of your family. She will be greatly missed. Thinking of you all.

  109. My heart goes out to your family, and we will all miss Gracie (such a good dog).

    We lost two of our three dogs last year, only a few months apart from each other, both due to complications from old age (they were both over 10 years old). Like you, we make the heartbreaking choice to put them down to end their pain and suffering, and though I know it was the right and compassionate thing to do, my husband and I still second-guessed and judged ourselves for a long time before finding acceptance and peace.

    As for the grief, we gave ourselves time to heal while acknowledging our hearts would always be missing our furry friends. We shared memories, looked at old photos, laughed and cried together with family and friends. On the practical side, we took our dogs unused medications, leashes and dog beds to our local pet rescue center so they could help other animals. And, of course, we spent a ton of time with our remaining dog, Tia (all the extra walks, couch cuddles, a perhaps a few too many treats lol).

    It was actually Tia who led us to adopt a new dog, as she was visably lonely without her two companions. After a few months had passed, we adopted our new dog, Penny, from a rescue for my husbands birthday. It was a bittersweet moment bringing her home, but she has brought so much joy to her new “sister” and our home (despite all of the chewed up furniture and such; puppies, whatcanyado).

    Continue to care for yourselves and each other. Know you gave Gracie a wonderful home and she lived a wonderful life with your family. Experience your grief but please know it will soften with time. I hope this helps, and I will keep your family in my thoughts.

  110. I am so sorry for your loss. We have a little one about Babywoods age and recently lost one of our chickens. This in no way compares to the loss of Frugalhound for us but our little one is scared of all other animals and loved those chickens. She talked about it for months. We would catch her looking sad and ask what was up and she’d say “just thinking about Patsy…”. I wish you all well in your grieving and healing.

  111. I’m sitting here at work with tears welling. We’ve been involved in dog rescue (mainly transport now) for many years but it took us 4 years to adopt another after Ariel, our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever rescue (a mouthful) died. Our current 4-footed family member, Sparky, the wonder mutt/hound, sounds a lot like Gracie. For the last three years, he’s been a daily joy. Gracie continues to live in your hearts. When you are ready for another, you’ll know it. And be assured that Gracie would tell you to adopt again so another dog can experience the marvelous life she had with your family.

  112. I loved the beautifully written tribute to your beloved Gracie. Having a wonderful companion & family member so enriches our lives. My Lab mix rescue is going on 16 years & I dread the inevitability of no longer having her around.
    Praying for comfort for you & your family as you mourn your loss. Wishing you the best as you joyfully await the birth of your second child.

  113. I’m so sorry for your loss you guys. We’ve loved seeing Frugal Hound in all your posts. In the past month we had to put our first cat to sleep and it was so hard. I can only imagine how much harder it is with a beloved dog that’s so part of your routine. Our thoughts are with you. :*(

  114. I am so sorry to hear about Frugal Hound. I always enjoyed seeing her funny photos. I am a cat person and know what it is like to lose a pet as it took me several years before I could even think about adopting again after losing my beloved pet several years ago.

  115. What a lovely tribute to Frugalhound. You gave her such a wonderful life! i believe dogs know this and are grateful. I shed a few tears reading this, and remembered the fine dogs who have graced our lives. In 38 years of marriage, my husband and I have mourned the passing of seven dogs — some were with us a short time, others as long as 14 years. Each death hurts, and yet each life adds so much to ours. Two years ago we lost our chow mix, Katie, in a manner very similar to Frugalhound’s passing. A month after her death, we adopted Lucy, a hound mix who has taken her place in our hearts. Everyone handles grief in a different way. For us, adopting another dog helps. The new dog doesn’t replace the one who died, but it does fill that dog-shaped space in our homes and lives, and we always feel good about giving a home to a rescue pet. Obviously, with a new baby imminent, this is not a good time for you to add another pet to your family, but when the time is right I hope you will welcome another dog into your life. They have so much to give and much to teach us. I’m so sorry for your loss. it’s very hard, but it does get better.

  116. (((Hugs))) — to all of you. It is a tribute to your writing skills that we all felt like Gracie was a member of our family (all us Frugalfamilymembers). I’m so very, very sorry.

  117. While I could not read the whole post due to tears, I am so sorry you lost Gracie. Over the past nine years, we have had six greyhounds and lost four of them to a variety of things. Never gets easier – hurts terribly. It always takes me at least three months to stop crying daily. I feel for you and ask that you take time to grieve.

  118. I am so, so sorry for your family’s loss and read this post with tears in my eyes.<3 When I first discovered your blog, I was thrilled to see you had a greyhound that looked exactly like my family's first greyhound, Lena, who passed away at the same age and in a very similar way. Sending lots of love to all of you during this difficult time.

  119. This is a beautiful tribute to your beloved Frugal Hound. I am so sorry for your loss. She really did live a loved, content life. We lost our cat when my girls were 2 and 5. The 5 year-old processed it well, but the 2 year-old brought it up for years afterwards at the most random times. It may take Babywoods a long time to understand the permanence of the loss of Frugal Hound 🙁

  120. I am very sad to hear of Frugal Hounds’ death. I have followed your blog for over a year and it was so clear to the readers what a beautiful and well loved companion she was. The loss of a beloved pet leaves a hole in our hearts ( we are almost three since ours passed). Hopefully baby #2 can help with some distraction. You are right, FH can’t ever be replaced but a few years down the road you just might encounter a new pet in need of love and spoiling and begin to cherish another companion.

  121. I am so, so sorry to read this. I just started crying at work and my heart breaks for you. I adore Frugalhound and you gave her a beautiful tribute with this post. Since you asked for personal experiences, here is mine:

    I got a terrier mix as a 14-year-old freshman and had her until I was 30. She slowed down some in her later years but seemed fine. On her last healthy day we walked together and she still climbed the stairs like a champ. No indication of anything abnormal going on. In the middle of the night I was woken up by odd noises, only to find my beloved Corky cross-eyed and rolling over and over again. 5 days of being hospitalized brought little improvement and no real answers, with additional health problems discovered. I then made the heartbreaking decision to let her go.

    Throughout this experience, and especially when I came home and saw her empty bed, I cried (wailed really) harder and more painfully then I ever had in my life, and that includes when family members had died. I was single, lived alone, and Corky was the most consistent thing in my life. She had accompanied me through so many life changes- high school, college, grad school, and a fellowship, and we lived in 3 states together. She left a huge hole and void, so I made the (seemingly at the time) mistake of adopting a puppy 10 days later. I was still grieving and wholly unprepared for the difference between caring for a puppy and an older dog. She needed constant attention and was slow to housetrain. One time she found an old bone of Corky’s under my bed and when I saw it, I yelled at her that it wasn’t hers, and felt like a complete monster for doing so. My sister ended up taking her for a week to give me a break, and when she came back I decided to find her a new home. However, as people replied to the ad and I found something wrong with everyone, I realized she had grown on me a bit. Fast forward 6 years later and she is still happily living with me, along with a beagle friend I got for her. I would not recommend a new dog so soon to anyone- but sometimes even poor decisions have a way of working out in the end.

    I haven’t thought about this experience in quite a while now, so thank you for allowing me to share on your blog. Here are some practical things that helped me- write her a letter getting my feelings out and thanking her for being so great, listening to some music that reminded me of losing her and just letting the tears flow (I’ll be Missing You, The Scientist, It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday), donating her bed and toys to the shelter, and eventually opening my heart to another pup. I hope that knowing what a wonderful life you gave Frugalhound brings some peace during this awful time. Thinking of you and your family.

  122. OMGosh~ I have just started following you within the last 2 weeks. I am so sorry to hear of your family’s loss. It is always so incredibly hard to say good bye to our furry family members. Hugs to you and your family during this difficult time. I was a big fan of Gracie’s…. THE FABULOUS FRUGAL HOUND

  123. This absolutely breaks my heart. I can’t imagine the pain and heartbreak you’re all going through. I’m so, so sorry.

    I treat my pets like family and every loss is so painful. It’s these difficult times that remind us to think about the good times though. That’s what helps me heal.

  124. First-time poster here. What awful news, I’m so sorry. You must miss Frugalhound terribly. I shed a few tears – I know how devastating it is to lose a pet. At least, as you say, she didn’t suffer for long. I’ve been reading your blog for just over a year and I really appreciate your thoughts in this post, which must have been so hard to write.

    I hope one day you’ll feel the time is right to get another dog – in my experience home just doesn’t feel the same without an animal. They teach us so much and ask for little in return. Sounds as if Frugalhound had a lovely happy and contented life with you all, and you did the absolute best you could for her. Warm wishes.

  125. I was so very sorry to see this post in my inbox this morning. FH brought joy to many readers thanks to your blog. My thoughts are with you and your family as you deal with her loss. <3

  126. I’m so sorry to hear about Frugal Hound/Gracie. I think you are right when you say that although it would have been nice to give her a last day of fun, this was a much less traumatic (for her) way to go. My dog growing up was very similar, she had lots of anxiety and could hardly get in the car for trips (anywhere) and didn’t like new people around her. She deteriorated quickly so we made the decision to have her put down immediately. It is so hard because they *are* members of our families. They may not be people, but we still love them. I’ll be thinking of you guys during this hard time.

  127. Wow, this really brought tears to my eyes. Such a beautiful tribute to our beloved Frugal Hound. Thank you for sharing this with us, Mrs. FW. I had a pet Lhasa Apso for two years when I was 10-12. We got him when he was 6 with a heart disease of some sort and he died when he was 8. I remember coming home from school & my dad telling me that Dusty had a seizure and had to be put down. I was miserable for the longest time but he’s always with me. He bit me when we first got him and I still have the scar on my hand. 12 years later and I still think of him all the time. Rest in peace to the animals who taught us how to love unconditionally and appreciate life!

  128. So sorry for your loss. I had a cat that died under similar circumstances. His loss was made harder by the fact that we (my boyfriend and I) had been struggling financially at the time and so had given him up to very kind relatives. He’d been doing great for months, then the seizures… in the end he didn’t seem to recognize us. We both always feel terrible guilt over having to give him up, and his last year being so tumultuous with having to adjust to a new household. I’m glad you were able to give Gracie such a good home right to the end – my current kitty has and will continue to have a better life in part because of her contributions to this blog, which has helped me take control of my finances and direction in ways I never could before. She has a legacy, and touched many lives. Blessings on you and your yours during this hard, beautiful, bittersweet time.

    1. I am so sorry for your loss, but I am so happy to hear that you’ve taken control of your money and are now able to provide for your pet in such a wonderful way. That makes me smile :)!

  129. Thinking of you with love at this sad time. I’m so very sorry for your loss. Leslie was right — there will never be another Frugal
    Hound. But some day, when you least expect it, you’ll meet another wonderful animal companion. Till then, cherish your memories and take comfort in knowing that you gave her the best life a dog could have.

  130. I had just written to you yesterday after joining your site and seeing that you had a greyhound. We had one too and loved him so dearly. He died just the way Gracie did several years ago and we still talk about him almost daily. Greyhounds are the most wonderful dogs, as well you know. I know you can’t think of getting another dog right now but do consider rescuing another grey sometime in the future. I have never know anyone who didn’t think their greyhound was the best in the world. Please accept my sympathies. Comfort yourselves with the thought that the kindest thing a pet owner can do is help their beloved pet across the Rainbow Bridge. An animal should never have to suffer when their lives are ending. My thoughts are with you and I understand.

  131. So sorry for your loss. I know the rare times when the dog is away for whatever reason, my home feels really empty. As my dog gets older (she is turning 9 this year) I find my mind goes through thoughts about what am I going to do when I lose her. When I read your article, I’m reminded to get the dog out for more hikes, more hugs, and more naps. Thank you very much for sharing as its very personal and unique. I’m sure I will come back to reread this article many times.

  132. I am very sorry for your loss. I know exactly how you feel. The empty spaces and missing sounds. . I am reading this post while sitting in the lobby of the u of penn vet hospital. A 3 legged greyhound sits across from me. A nurse called for another pet named Gracie only a minute ago. I don’t what that means but it is an interesting coincidence. Thank you for rescuing and giving a home to a dog in need.

  133. I’m so very sorry about Frugalhound. It’s never easy to lose a beloved pet and you never really forget them. In 2016 I had to euthanize our elderly cats within 2 wks of each other. Their quality of life had deteriorated due to cancer and it was the right time to do it. I still cry thinking about them. Shortly thereafter I got 2 kittens who helped fill the void and are now the loves of our life. I’ll miss seeing your photos of Frugalhound on the blog.

  134. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Losing a pet is losing a best friend and it is incredibly painful. I’m happy to hear she didn’t suffer a prolonged illness which would have been devastating for you and her. I lost my best friend after 17 years, a cat named Harry. I had him from age 23 and I didn’t know how to adult without him. He had been with me through all my milestones (loss of a father, moving across country, changing jobs, divorce) and I was truly devastated when he went. But like Frugal Hound he didn’t suffer long and he had a good, long life. Know that you gave Frugal Hound a terrific life and once the grief lessens you will have nothing but fond memories of her.

  135. I never post but wanted to say that I am so sorry. We have lost beloved 12 year old dogs in the past 7 years and a two years ago, my 18 year old cat that I loved more than I can possibly put into words. Time does bring healing but I miss my fur babies every day. I’ve gradually welcomed 2 dismissive, only-tolerates-my-presence-because-I am-the-bearer-of-food cats who make me smile and laugh. In August, our 5.5 year old lab was diagnosed with cancer that was terminal. We got to spend another 2.5 months with him before we had to put him to sleep. We too told our children that he simply died. They’re not ready to understand euthanasia but his no longer suffering was something they understood.

    I still think I see our dog every afternoon, running down the fence to greet me; I still think Bye Z. Love you, every day as I leave. I still walk on the porch and expect to see him. His blanket still lays on the porch though the cat has claimed it as her’s. I miss him. I loved him. I won’t ever be sorry for the joy and happiness he brought even with the sadness from his loss. Time heals and in time, we’ll eventually find another dog just like we found another cat(s). Be sad. Miss her. I’m so glad she did not suffer long term and rest knowing that she’s being just as lazy up in the clouds as she was in your home.

  136. I am crying as I read this and know how you feel. I believe that dogs are angels here on earth.
    A similar thing happened with our sweet boy Sounderman. When my feet hit the floor every morning he was up doing his happy, I am going to get fed dance. He did that at every meal. A few days before Christmas and my feet hit the floor and Sounder remained on his bed. I got his food and he got up and struggled to his bowl and just looked at it and collapsed to the floor.
    With the advice of our vet we made the heartbreaking decision to say goodbye to him.
    He was a black lab and the sweetest boy and he had so many adoring fans in our neighborhood. I cry every morning when my feet hit the floor and he is not there.
    We were blessed to have this sweet boy. There was not one person or dog that he did not like.
    It does get easier and Frugal hound will always have a special place in your hearts. Love to you and your family.

  137. I’m so sorry. It was a sad shock to read about frugal hound this morning. We have had many pets pass over the years. We grieved hard over each passing, but we quickly realized that a home without a dog was too empty. In the past we usually adopted another dog soon after the other’s passing, either from the spca or a rescue. While we still missed the previous pet, we felt it was a testament to the importance of a 4 legged family member that we needed a pet in the house.

  138. I’m so sorry for your loss. A beloved pet is a member of the family and Frugal Hound was a wonderful addition to yours. FH will be missed.

  139. So, so sorry for your loss. We gain so much from the companionship of our dogs, and I wanted to share these words about dogs with you that really touch me every time I reflect on them. I heard Maira Kalman share them on an episode of the podcast “On Being”: “Dogs…are a constant reminder that life reveals the best of itself when we live fully in the moment and extend our unconditional love.”

  140. I found myself wiping away tears in grief for a dog I never met. And yet we did know Frugalhound…that mellow personality…those expressive eyes…that patient look when putting up with annoying but well loved humans. A beloved pet is an important member of a family and the loss is huge. If we have faith we can look forward to seeing all our dear ones again and that includes our loving dogs.

  141. Our deepest condolences.

    Gracie was a wonderful dog. She gracefully tolerated our little guy Jake on our visits, living well up to her name.

    She’ll live in your memories forever.

    My guess is that as the pain recedes your hearts will open to another dog. Plus, your homestead cries out for one.

    What a lucky doggie that will be. As was Gracie.

  142. Oh Frugalwoods, I never wanted to read this post. So sorry for your loss. I will cuddle my Daisy extra hard tonight.

  143. I am so so sorry for your loss. As I read this post I am snuggled next to my own rescue dog, who’s very concerned as to why I went from cuddling her to crying. I love Gracie and she really influenced not only my financial path but also encouraged me to be open minded about dog adoption and consider an adult dog.
    Frugal hound is the reason I started reading your posts. Her hilarious name and the pictures made my day, and your writing on frugality inspired me to build a better life for myself and my family. Not only that I stopped often to see if there are new pictures of Frugal Hound, but when we were ready for a dog we were adopted by a beautiful greyhound mix, named Nina, that looks a lot like Gracie.
    Rest In Peace Gracie ! You were loved by many 💓

  144. I’m just as devastated to hear about the loss of Gracie (also my dog’s name). Frugal Hound has always been a favorite presence on your blog, and it was clear that she was very, very loved. I’m thinking of you all during this traumatic time. You have my deepest sympathies.

  145. I very rarely feel compelled to leave my comments online, but this is a topic that is dear to my heart. First, there is nothing anyone can say that will make anything better – you have to go through your grieving process in your own way. There are ridiculous ups and downs and it will break you when you are least expecting it. That is all an honor to how much you loved your girl and the big hole that is now in your family. Having lost two of my dogs this past year in different ways, I think that this way, the unexpected-but-with-less-suffering, is the preferred way over having a prolonged illness. While you don’t get the same kind of goodbye, your pup was feeling well and was happy up to the end. And it’s the not the way they died, but the way they lived that matters. You probably don’t even need to thinking about getting another dog right now. I find that some people consider their pets to be replaceable, but for those of us that consider their pets to be family, that is unthinkable. You’ll know when you’re ready. In the meantime, your relationship with Gracie isn’t over just because she’s not there with you physically. We find it comforting to speak about our pups and remember their cute (and not so cute) ways and personalities. Wishing you and your family peace is this sad, sad time. XO.

  146. I’m so very sorry for your loss. I have an ex racing grey and they are such beautiful animals. My sincere condolences

  147. I’m so very sorry for your loss. Its so difficult to lose them. Greyhounds are a wonderful, quirky, special breed – the picture of resilience, joy, mischief and embracing every nappable moment. When I lost my first greyhound years ago I was devastated and waited years to welcome another creature (another greyhound as it happened) into my life. But he helped us move beyond the initial loss in a way i never imagined. I hope that your joyous happy memories of frugal hound soon outweigh the sadness of losing her.

  148. I am so sorry for this loss in your family. We lost our four legged friend after a sudden illness at the young age of seven so I too understand the shock. You may find comfort in a pet loss support group. There is an online resource, the Association for Pet Loss and Berevement that has a nightly chat room – https://www.aplb.org. I volunteer for a group that provides this service and some of the facilitators volunteer for this online discussion. Its so helpful, especially when your heart feels heavy.

  149. I don’t ever leave comments, but I have been reading for awhile now, and I am so sorry to hear this! Frugal Hounds was obviously well loved by your family. My condolences!

  150. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    I haven’t lost a pet as an adult yet, only as a child. We have an elderly dog and we know it is coming. We actually got a second dog a year and a half ago, so he could be integrated into our family before we lost the first dog- we don’t want to “replace” her.

  151. Sending you my sincerest sympathy for the loss of your beloved dog.
    I have had to say goodbye to 2 dogs (one after a long disease and one after a short injury) and 2 cats (one who went peacefully in his sleep and one who at 20 had a similar departure to your dear Gracie). I know the pain. May the love you share help you through this difficult time. Hugs

  152. I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious furry family member. I enjoyed reading about Frugalhound and how integrated she was into not only your family but your life philosophy. My husband and I also choose to have furry family and have learned over the years how large a hole they leave when they pass. I personally believe they will be waiting for us after we transition too. And many thanks to Frugalhound for her part in helping us begin to lead more frugal lives.

  153. Wow, what a shock. I’m so sorry for your loss. My dog Coco is the light of my life and she is almost 10 years old. It makes me so sad just thinking that she will be gone one day. So sad. I don’t think I could ever not have a dog, it makes my house a home.

  154. We lost our beloved rescue basset hound last winter — just three days after I learned I was expecting twins. The loss of a pet is always terribly, terribly hard, and it can feel like an even more intolerable loss when you’re looking forward to expanding your family. I was so bereft at losing our Tilly that I worried for the sake of the babies. They are here now and beautiful and just fine — and we were able to rescue another loving pup. But I still miss our little basset lady everyday. I’m so sorry for you and your family!

  155. I am so very sorry for your loss. I enjoyed reading about FrugalHound and will miss her presence on your blog, no doubt to a significantly lesser degree than you will miss her presence in your lives.

  156. I am very sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is never easy. But Gracie had a wonderful life with you guys. Sending lots of hugs to you.

  157. I just got your email and clicked right through and read the whole article and hung on every word. I am so so sorry, I can’t imagine the loss you all are feeling right. Thank you for sharing to us with so much thought and love in your words, my heart aches for you ❤️

  158. So sorry…You were with her till the end. That’s the most important. The one death I stil mourn over, one of my cats, is the one time I could not be with her, because I was abroad. Its always painfull when you suddenly have to decide to let a pet go, but to have to do this over the phone, not being able to comfort her was heartbreaking. Luckely she was in trusted hands but I still feel I should have been there.
    Enjoy the beautifull memories!
    Frugal Hound will be missed, also by you’re readers. The pictures of here sure brightend up my day lots of times.

  159. I’m so sorry for your loss. My heart aches for you. Sending thoughts and love to you all during this difficult time of grieving.

  160. I am so sorry for your loss. Pets are such important members of our family, and any loss is a hard one. Thinking of your family at this tough time.

  161. I am so sorry for your loss. The pain of loosing your pet is very real. I must confess that I started reading your blog because of the pictures you posted of Frugal Hound dressed in silly attire. I always thought that Frugal Hound was so sweet and good natured to allow you to dress her up. She continued to amaze me with the pictures of her being ok with sweet Babywoods sharing her bed, giving hugs and having a tea party.
    Gracie was truly amazing and will be truly missed.
    Love to you and your family.

  162. I’m so sorry to hear about Gracie! She was a noble hound indeed, and you guys gave her a great life. I’ve enjoyed getting to
    know her through FrugalWoods, and while she’l be missed most by your family, we readers will miss her too. Condolences from Missouri!

  163. This is what I dread about owning pets. They are so loved and are family. I’m so sorry for your loss. I love dogs because they can teach us so much about life. It seems like Gracie’s lessons were not lost on you. Thinking of your family as you grieve this loss.

  164. I am so sorry for your loss. I have always enjoyed your tales of frugal hound and of course the fun pictures of her. My prayers for you and your family during this challenging time.

  165. I’m a relatively new reader of your blog (found you via the ChooseFI podcast) but I just wanted to say that I’m so sorry to hear about Frugal Hound. I loved seeing her adorable pictures in your blog posts. She was such a beautiful and much adored family member. Hoping that your family finds peace and healing in time.

  166. I gasped when I read the title on my e-mail preview. I am so very sorry for your loss. Frugalhound/Gracie seemed like such a sweet and patient dog, and I can only imagine the sadness you’re all feeling now. You’ll be in my thoughts this week.

  167. Sorry for your loss!
    When our beloved 17y-old Terrier died last year we buried her in a corner of our garden, so she can still “be” with us in some way. Some days it’s hard coming home without her being there but it’s good to know that she doesn’t have to suffer anymore (she’s had two strokes in her last year).
    I think it’s important to look back on the good days. Now I’m happy to find a dog hair on my clothes, because it reminds me of her when I expect it the least. 🙂

  168. So sorry for your loss. I always loved seeing the pictures of her wearing different accoutrements in your posts!

  169. So sorry about your family member. I have a cat who has been diagnosed with a condition and the only way to save her life is a very expensive surgery. She is only 2 and they assure us afterwards she will be right as rain. Because I have been living a frugal life I can pay for this surgery without putting my family in jeopardy or having to choose the other option. Your website has helped me with this and frugal hound has been an excellent example of a happy frugal pet life. A pretty good legacy.

  170. I haven’t posted before but was moved to say how very sorry I am and how much I’ve enjoyed the life of Frugalhound! You gave her such a good life and she loved you.

  171. I’m so sorry to hear about Gracie! She was a noble hound indeed, and you guys gave her a great life. I’ve enjoyed getting to know her through Frugalwoods, and while her family will miss her most, we readers will miss her too. Condolences from Missouri!

  172. I’m so very sorry for your family’s loss. I think it’s especially poignant to lose a pet when you have a young child who adores the animal. My husband and I went through this when our eldest son was 2 — a couple of years before our second child was born. It was many years before we got another dog, but now that I see the joy pets bring to our teenage boys, For my husband and me, bringing pets into the family was one of the best decisions we ever made. Your posts about and pictures of Frugalhound were got me reading your blog and beginning the first steps of a frugal life. As a veterinarian, I appreciate your focus on the important things — preventive care and exercise, as opposed to a constant stream of new toys, Thank you for all that you do to help so many of us on our journey to frugality. Please know that you are in my thoughts.

  173. What a shock to hear. I loved reading about Frugal hound & her pics were hilarious. We surely will not forget her! I bet one day in the future you will add another doggie to your homestead, one who loves long hikes & kids!

  174. I’m so sorry for your loss. We lost a beloved cat two weeks ago today in a similarly sudden and unexpected way. It is hard and exhausting to grieve for our furry family members. I hope you find some solace in knowing that you feel heartbroken because you love Gracie so much.

  175. I am so sorry for your loss My beloved kitty passed away exactly a year ago. I had the same feelings of second-guessing the end of her life. Very like Gracie, she had some mysterious medical issues but then passed away very suddenly. It left me questioning both how I had managed her medical care and feeling terrible about the end of her life. Like you, I had envisioned making the difficult decision to put her down and then giving her a “last day” full of her favorites, and I spent a lot of time replaying the what-ifs. With time, I came to peace that I had done my best and given her the best life possible. I think you will come to the same peace in time!

    In the past year, I wasn’t ready to give my heart to another kitty but like yours my house felt so empty. I started fostering cats for a local rescue instead. I’ve already fostered and found homes for four, and two more are currently here. It’s been very satisfying and feels like a good thing to do to honor my kitty who came from a rescue. It has a side benefit of being very frugal – everything about the cats’ care is covered – vet care, food, even litter! We can also borrow toys and carriers as needed. And we get the joy of helping them find forever homes. Something to consider for anyone who is partway ready for a pet in the home but not 100% ready to commit yet.

  176. Oh no! I’m another long-time reader who never leaves comments, but how could I stay silent upon hearing this sad news? I’m so very sorry.

  177. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your loved one. Losing a family member is never easy, but suddenly is even harder.
    I lost my beagle suddenly a few years back to fluid in her heart, and I still struggle with the pain that that caused me. I always was in a “what-if” phase of what I could have done differently, if I could have just given her her favorite meal before, if I should have taken her to the vet sooner/later, etc. She was easily scared and hated car rides like Frugalhound though, and I never really thought about how it would have definitely been more of an upset to her if her illness had been long drawn out. Thank you for bringing me that insight.
    Wishing you and your family lots of healing during this time. You were such loving parents to Frugalhound, and she had a wonderful life with you. There are so many good dogs in the world, it’s not fair that they can’t stay with us longer.

  178. I’m so sorry for your sudden loss of Gracie. I only came to know of your blog because of the greyhound community when a fellow greyhound owner posted the link on Greytalk, a GH message board. I am grateful that that connection led me to your blog as it has brought so much wonderful perspective for me in my evolution toward being more financially responsible.
    I was heartbroken to see the title of this post show up in my inbox. She was very young to lose her so suddenly. No matter how we lose them there is always the overwhelming grief, as well as the guilt and second guessing, each just brings its own challenges. I’ve lost two of mine so far, both to osteosarcoma, and I really empathize with you and what you are going through. Sending you lots of love and the hope that with time your grief is replaced with fond and happy memories of your time with Gracie.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! And, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to know that you found Frugalwoods through Frugal Hound–how wonderful :)!

  179. I am so very sorry for the loss of your dear Gracie. I enjoyed every photo of her, especially the dress up ones, which always made me smile. You will be in my thoughts.

  180. I am so very sorry for your loss. I loved seeing pics of Frugalhound since she looked so much like our beloved greyhound Scotchie (Jazz-E-Scotchie was her racing name). Please take care of yourselves.

  181. I am so very sorry to hear about Gracie (aka Frugalhound), and on some level truly understand what a devastating loss this is to you and your family, having lost my fur child Gabby in 2013 after 13 amazing years together. After her passing, I spent six months in pet grief therapy, and read many books/articles to learn ways to honor her life and memory. During this time, I also found particular comfort in various songs:

    Rainbow Connection (Kenny Loggins)

    Rainbow Connection (Kermit the Frog)

    Return to Pooh Corner (Kenny Loggins)

    What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)

    Not having human children, the silence in my home was deafening so I took all the lessons I learned from Gabby, and have been happily sharing them with my second fur child Bebe, who is teaching me even more lessons.

    While I know folks grieve in their own way, I only share the above in hopes it may give you and your family some comfort as it did me.

    My sincere condolences. Beth, Bebe & Angel Gabby

  182. So sorry for your loss! Frugalhound gave me many an enjoyable moment with her doe like eyes and lovely costumes. She will be missed and thank you for sharing with us.

  183. I am so sorry to hear of your loss! I always enjoy reading about the (mis)adventures of Frugalhound and her family. And I just wanted to let you know that you made the right choice to say goodbye to your friend rather than try to keep her longer. It is pretty easy, when we have to put a pet down, to feel some guilt, regardless of why or how. Coming from the otherside, choosing to try to keep my dog longer with expensive medicine and vet trips, I regret that enormously now. It takes courage to know when to say goodbye. And you two are nothing if not courageous! So thank you for your example and strength.

    Sending hugs and prayers and well wishes.

  184. I’m so very sorry to read about your loss: your Gracie looks like she was such a beautiful and lovely lady. She will be watching over all of you. When we lost our Italian greyhound — who had run in front of a car a month before our own daughter was due — I found it very helpful to connect with others on the Rainbow Bridge website. We also planted a tree over her grave which I visited each day to talk to her– that was immensely comforting. But in this time, I think it’s mostly important just to be as kind as possible to yourselves, let yourself cry and grieve, and to know that her memory will be a great blessing to you and your family.

  185. I am so sorry to hear of Frugalhounds’ passing. Your eulogy was beautiful. So sad to say, but there is nothing to fill that space – in your home or heart. Being straightforward with Babywoods is truly the best. And all your second guessing, totally normal. As you said, she would have hated all the vet experiences , and so she didnt have to endure them. What a blessing Gracie was to your family, and sharing her ‘tips for a satisfying life’ is beautiful. I once had a dog whose rules where ones we should all strive for – much like Gracie’s. Allow, honor her, and embrace the pain.

  186. We will all remember Frugal Hound and the laughter she generated through her hilariously costumed photos. I will surely miss them. Your post this morning reminded me, once again, the transient and fragility nature of life. I shall live more joyously, in the present, in memory of Gracie. 2018 is the Year of the Dog afterward.

    “It’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson

    I hope you and your sweet little family find comfort and solace in each other’s company during this sorrowful time. *Hugs*

  187. I am very sorry for your loss of Gracie. Our dog of choice is Cocker Spaniels and we have had several bless our lives over 50 years. Each death is a blow and brings sadness. Each time, we say, not another dog. But each time we have had the good fortune for a Cocker who needed a home to find us. When the time is right, another creature who needs a good home will find you too.

  188. My heart breaks for you and your family. We also lost our almost 12 yearold Australian Shepherd this past Friday with the SAME exact ailment. I’ve been a snobby mess all weekend. Hugs to you and your family!!!!!

  189. I am so very sorry to hear about Gracie (aka Frugalhound), and on some level truly understand what a devastating loss this is to you and your family, having lost my fur child Gabby in 2013 after 13 amazing years together. After her passing, I spent six months in pet grief therapy, and read many books/articles to learn ways to honor her life and memory. During this time, I also found particular comfort in various songs:

    Rainbow Connection (Kenny Loggins)

    Rainbow Connection (Kermit the Frog)

    Return to Pooh Corner (Kenny Loggins)

    What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)

    Not having human children, the silence in my home was deafening so I took all the lessons I learned from Gabby, and have been happily sharing them with my second fur child Bebe, who is teaching me even more lessons.

    While I know folks grieve in their own way, I only share the above in hopes it may give you and your family some comfort as it did me.

    My sincere condolences. Beth, Bebe & Angel Gabby

  190. I’m so sorry about this. Losing a pet is so hard. One thing a vet friend said to me when I was waffling on whether to put down my dog (she had been in the vet hospital for a week and would not get better but it’s SO HARD to be the one who makes the decision) was that dogs just want to feel good and be happy. They don’t have anything left unsaid or undone. It helped me realize that I was waiting on putting her down for ME and the best thing for her would be to let go.

  191. So sorry! I saw the great picture and quote “this is MY greyhound” the other day and thought it was the perfect picture. I hope that picture will be what you remember for a long time with all the other great moments.

  192. I am crying for your family and the loss of a pet but mostly a friend. I have loved the photos of your hound and loved the stories that include her. We also have a rescue hound and he has the same lazy attitude and fearful responses and we LOVE him to death. We also live on a farm and know that death is a part of living and have never kept that from our children. Nevertheless it is not easy to lose a forever friend of a pet. We love our animals and cry when they are gone. Grieving is okay and having a family to share in that grief will make the pain more tolerable. Unfortunately this also prepares us for the loss of loved people in our lives as well. Hold on to the great memories and smile when you see how happy you made your pet’s life in this world. You are special people to take on a rescue hound. They need extra love, time and attention but it is well worth the love in return Bless you and your family….

  193. I am a recent follower of your blog, and I wanted to share my sincerest condolences on your loss of Gracie. For the past 4 years, we have been dog-parents to a very sweet senior greyhound, Nora, who is 11. Nora is also a retired racer and was used by her former owners for breeding after she fractured a leg racing (apparently a common occurrence). I know that we are very lucky to still have Nora, and for this reason I understand how you must be suffering right now. I am very sorry for your loss.

  194. I too have not ever wanted to read this post as my heart aches for all of you and the memories this evokes of our loss of our beloved long-haired dachshund (whose eyes looked a lot like Gracie’s). You’ve talked many times of how focusing on gratitude gives you contentment in life, and I’d encourage you to lean on that as a path to healing, rather than staying in the mindset of lack. For us, the gratitude centered around how our dear Max could comfort our kids when life had them down, or how he provided a bridge to conversation under just about any circumstance. Think of all the lovely conversations Gracie facilitated through the walks you took her on, or the friendships she initiated through your pet care sharing. SO much to be grateful for. I also recall my pre-dog days when my mother passed away and how my young children helped because children also live in the moment. Babywoods will keep you in the present and I think will let you know when it’s time to open your hearts to the next furry family member who will romp in the woods with you. Thank you for all the insightful dog ownership lessons you have shared, inspired by Frugal Hound #1. Her impact was magnified far beyond her dog bed, and we are grateful.

    1. Thank you for your wonderfully wise words! You are so right that we need to embrace the gratitude we have for Gracie’s tremendous role in our lives.

  195. I’m sorry for your loss. I understand how it feels. I lost my Abigail (my Brittany) approx. 3 years ago and she was an owner surrounder. Gracie will continue to live in your hearts. You will know when you are ready. In my case the first one was never through a rescue, and I had been informed it takes 6-8 weeks to go through the paperwork and do a house look-through and individual/person’s interview as well. I applied about week after Abigail passed thinking it would be at least 3 months as you don’t always get the first dog you choose. In my case, the rescue contacted me and asked if I would be willing to take an owner surrounder. So I did, she came 5 weeks after Abigail passed — a part of their travel team flew from Minnesota to Nebraska to pick my new rescue up, then flew her into an airport about 3 miles from where I work. Kenze is great, and I still do think of Abigail, so believe me, they never leave your mind or your heart.

  196. I feel your pain and I am so sorry for your loss. I have lost many cats and each and everyone was missed for their own special qualities. Every pet has his or her own personality and is part of the family, so was Gracie. The beauty is that she spend her last years with you and your family instead of being exploited. It is so nice to take in an animal that had it bad. You took very good care of her, she was loved, and did not suffer. You did great with her!

    All the best.
    Ineke from the Netherlands

  197. Sorry to hear of Gracie’s sudden passing. I’m a fairly new reader, but enjoyed the inclusion of your pet (especially the pics!) in your blog. RIP Gracie.

  198. What a beautiful name for such a beautiful dog. My heart goes out to you and your family. As shocked as you must be, it must be a relief that the pain is yours and not hers. Although I know that can be small comfort at times. Like others I lost my beautiful, wise, kind, scary smart black lab named Bailey 18 months ago. She had bone cancer and was in great pain, more than I can know. She broke her leg and that was it, but that night she put her forehead into my chest and we said goodbye to each other, So hard to write this. Like you I would have given anything to have one more day with her to comfort her and see her smile.

    I’ve learned only recently, that while you don’t get over it, you can get used to it. That will have to be good enough. Her great love is still with us, and she raised my oldest pug Abby. Now I see Bailey’s traits in my young pug Cara. It’s uncanny – the same feistiness, intelligence, energy, stubbornness, affection – and Bailey would have adored her.

    You can’t think about this now of course – you must only want Gracie back – but I trust that one day you will give the same affectionl to another dog and she will have the same wonderful family life that Gracie did.


  199. I am so sad to read about Frugalhound. I lost a dog not all that long ago, and it is so hard to handle regardless of the circumstances. They are such kind and loving creatures.

    People kept asking me about another dog, too, and I couldn’t bear the idea at first. But the time was clearly right about four months later for me, and now I have a super sweet rescue pup. It’s amazing how there’s totally new space in my heart for another pet, when I thought for a while that I could not go through it again. But – it becomes clear when and if it’s time. No need to rush. Thanks for writing such a lovely tribute. It must have been very hard.

  200. I am so sorry to read this post, but it is a marvelous tribute to your furry family. Thank you for sharing tis difficult development. As you can surely tell by the sheer number of comments here (I had to scroll and scroll and scroll to get the the end!), FrugalHound directly or indirectly touched so many lives. What a blessing. Much love to all of you.

  201. I can’t imagine how didfixult that experience must have been for everyone involved. I’m so sorry for your loss. If you believe in this
    sort of thing there are great pet psychics out there who charge very little ($5-$10 on fiverr.com, just pick
    someone who seems reputable) who can bring you great comfort by delivering messages from your pet. I wish your family comfort during this difficult time.

  202. Liz, I am so sorry to hear about this. We had a similar experience a few months ago with our Greyhound, Allie. She had some kind of massive stroke or seizure and died within a minute. It was devastating for my husband and me, because, just like you describe with Gracie, she was just fine and normal up until that time. We felt blessed that she went fast AND that we were home when this happened.
    These sweet creatures bring so much joy to our lives. Gracie loved you and you gave her a happy, loving, retirement. You created all kinds of happy chapters and memories in your lives together. She’s smiling her goofy hound smile at you from above.

  203. I am so very sorry for your loss. We lost our border collie in a similar fashion. For a dog, Sophy was a pretty clean, sweet girl and when she lost control of her bodily functions, I made the same decision. How lucky Gracie was to have had you all.

  204. My condolences to you and your family. We lost our 17 year dog under similar circumstances over two years ago – and we still miss him. But he lives on in our memories and in the stories we tell, as Gracie will live on in your memories and your posts.

  205. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of FH. My best childhood dog was killed tragically the summer before I left for college. I’ve had dogs since but I truly feel like you only get one truly special dog. I’m sure FH was yours! And what a wonderful fun relaxing life she lived. Hugs!!

  206. So sorry about the loss of Gracie. I just read this post and am crying at my desk at work, so moving. We also have a fawn greyhounds (retired racer), and are expecting our first child in a couple of months. I know from losing a dog previously how devastating it is to a family, and I’m sure even more so when you have children who have bonded with the dog. Stay strong, and know that you gave Gracie the best life she could possibly have had!

  207. We had to put our 11 year old chihuahua down in September. It was awful. We got a little puppy back in November and she helped us to move on but we still miss our little chihuahua guy a ton.

  208. I’m so sorry for Gracie’s passing. I had a cat, who’s name was Gracie too, who was my baby. I was her human. She would hang out in the front window till I got home from work (at midnight) and then run to the door to great me. She tried to “heal” me by sitting on whatever body part hurt. This kinda hurt when you have Fibromyalgia. She was diagnosed with colon cancer and a few months later, we had to put her down. It hurt to loose my baby. I even called out of work that night. I think of her and miss her every day, but the pain is not there. I kept saying that I didn’t want another cat, but three years later our son said he wanted one. We adopted Abby from our local shelter and she quickly became a big part of our world.

  209. I’m so sorry to hear this and I’m thinking of you all and of dear Gracie. Losing a pet is losing a family member and it takes time to recover and grieve. She will always have a special place in your heart. Your wonderful pictures of her will keep her in your memories and those of your kids for years to come. Sending lots of love…

  210. This made me cry. I loved reading your posts and seeing your precious hound.

    We lost two of our sweet dogs a little over a year ago and it is a horrible thing, a heart-wrenching thing. I walked around crying out in the country crying as my husband buried our sweet pets months between each other. Once in a while there will be little reminders of our sweet fur angels who have passed to the other side. It’s hard, but it can be sweet. I recently came across an ornament of a little poodle that looked just like our little Esther. Only one was left, so I treated myself to that ornament, now on my little Valentine tree. There will be little Godsends like that that I think God sends them to comfort and let us know things.

    God has seen fit to send a starving, dying hound to us, to our sanctuary of sorts, she was dying on the road, not a hair on her. My daughter brought her home in the dead of winter and we nursed her back to health. Her name? Gracie. That name seems to suit certain angels perfectly I am seeing.

    God be with you, this is a very, very difficult I know. We have five dogs here at the Forest Cathedral and these fur angels truly are members of the family. I love your precious Greyhound, Gracie and would often forward your blogs to my daughters and husband. We got the biggest kick out of your sweet Gracie. She will be sorely missed on this side of God’s green earth.

    Yes, our fur angels are very much part of our families. Please be comforted as you have the consolation that you and your husband gave Gracie Life and took very good care of her, she was clearly loved. You gave her a beautiful Life on this earth. And I love what another writer wrote above, ‘she still loves you’. Yes.

    Praying for your family. I’m so, so sorry… A hug from afar.

  211. I am so very sorry for your loss. Puppies leave a print on our hearts that lasts forever. Thinking of all of you during this time. 💗

  212. So, so sorry to hear about the loss of your Gracie. I always loved seeing pictures of her on your blog. For some of us our pets are our furry family, rather than just a pet. You gave her such a good life for the years that you had her with you after rescuing her. Maybe you even feel like she gave more to your life than you did to hers (that’s how I always have felt). I adopt Sr. dogs and have had 5 huskies and now have 3 smaller dogs (over a 20 year period). I already know that since they are older that our time with them will be shorter and that’s hard but our time together is such a blessing. It takes time to get used to not having your furry loved one around and you will always remember the joy that she brought to you. It’s the passing through that’s so difficult. Diane

  213. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. May you meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. Being a pet lover means knowing that you will outlive most of your pets, but it never gets easier when you lose one. Sending hugs.

  214. Sorry to hear about frugalhounds! I’ve enjoyed reading about your adventures and getting to know a little bit about you and your family. Thank you for sharing with the world

  215. I am so, so sorry. About 3 weeks ago we lost our sweet little rescued dog, the one my husband found starving in the street about 7 years ago, and we couldn’t ever locate an owner. She started having seizures a couple of months ago, just one now and then, and always recovered, but the end came suddenly one Saturday morning recently. We have no emergency pet care places, so we debated on what to do when we found her struggling that morning, and elected to keep her home with us as she was clearly dying. In the end, I’m glad that’s what we did. It was a rough morning for us to witness, but she was held, loved, petted, surrounded by her pet and people family members (our other little rescue dog was her best friend) and was cuddled with my husband’s old tee-shirt, as he was her favorite person, so she could smell him even when lying down on the floor. She finally stood up, collapsed then died around noon, and we buried her with a lot of tears. I know you miss that darling hound of yours, and we will all miss her too.

  216. I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet pup. This was a beautiful article by which to remember her. We also rescued a dog that quivered at our touch to start, and I hate to envision the day he will not longer be with us as he is so sweet and loving now.

    My cousin lost their dog and managed to find stuffed animals that looked like their pup. They gave them to the kids as a way to remember their best friend. They still read books to the stuffed puppy at night (a year later) and it is helping the kindergartener learn to read.

    I will be praying for your family in the days/weeks to come.

  217. My heart goes out to you and your family. I cried when I read about Frugalwoods dog-Gracie. You did the right thing. I loved hearing and seeing the funny pic’s of her all dressed up! I also had a dog who died at just 5 years old with similar symptoms. It is good to let some time pass before thinking about another dog. Peace and love go out to you Frugalwoods family. I wish you the best life with the coming blessing of your baby!!!

  218. Although I’m sure this comment will be buried, I just wanted to empathize with how friggin difficult losing a dog is. We lost our wonderful, goofy, stinky doberman pinscher Lodi almost exactly a year ago. He hated car rides too, and died in my dad’s Jeep as he was pulling into their driveway to care for him while we went on an international trip.

    It ripped a hole in my heart. I got the news at work from my dad who could barely get the words out. I had to keep my sh*t together at work for the rest of the day, biked home and collapsed into my wife’s arms balling. I haven’t cried for years prior, and haven’t since. That stupid dog was my best friend. I miss him dearly.

    Take solace that it will get better. We don’t plan on getting another dog anytime soon.

  219. I am so sorry for your loss. I recently lost my sweet dog after 14 years with her and it definitely leaves a hole. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers!

  220. I’m so sorry for how you’re feeling right now. We lost my first dog a couple years ago, and it’s such a tough time to go through. Our pets love us unconditionally and that makes it so much harder when they’re gone.

    Hang in there.

  221. I am so sad to hear about frugal hound, we loved her too from a far. My little one, who is 7 years old, Calls this website the one with the funny dog and the sweet baby, before babywoods it was just the funny dog website. We have often scrolled thru old posts, just to see frugal hound’s pictures again. Sending our condolences all the way from Denmark.

  222. I am so very sorry for your Frugalwood loss. And, at such a tender time. Pets become important members of our families and grow up right along with our children. I remember, so well, the Cocker Spaniel we’d had when I was a child. If any of us was ill, she’d lay by our bedside, “keeping watch,” until we were up and around again. They are loving, dedicated and trustworthy and ask very little in return for their spontaneous, continually loving personality. My heart and prayers go out to you.

  223. Dear Frugalwoods Family,
    I’m so sad to hear of Gracie’s passing. From your description, she was a graceful dog. I pray that you’ll find comfort in remembering her life even as you mourn her demise. Like many of your avid readers, she will be greatly missed in your posts with her cute outfits and all.
    I’m sending hugs your way

  224. This post was beautiful and heart wrenching. FH has always been a huge part of why I love this blog. I’m so sorry to hear of her passing. My thoughts are with you and the rest of your family. <3

  225. I’m so sorry to hear about Frugalhound. Gracie graced the pages of your blog and, as a dog-less dog lover, I enjoyed reading about her. About losing an integral part of your family – I can only say that my husband and I still, almost weekly, will be reminded of one of our own departed pets, and after joking or commiserating over something that they did years ago, we just remember how wonderful it was to have them in our lives. Best wishes on upcoming Babywoods2.

  226. So sorry for your loss! Thank you for sharing your experience with Gracie’s final moments. And for all of the stories and FH photos that you’ve shared with your readers. Your special hound has touched many lives!

  227. I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved furbaby. From your posts about her, I have no doubt she left this world feeling your love.

  228. I work in an animal hospital. I see it almost daily, you feel for the families. I have had to make the decision to put several of my own down too. Knowing it was for the best still doesn’t make it any easier. The unconditional love our pets give us is like nothing else. Just remember if and when you decide to get another pet, that it is not your beloved Gracie and try not to compare. Sadly some will fall into doing that. Grieve and remember all the good times. That’s what’s so hard so many good times. Take it one day at a time. If your daughter does have questions there are children’s books out there to help, one we recommend is Dog Heaven.

  229. I am so sorry, Liz! This just breaks my heart as I have had a couple of dogs that experienced “the sharp knife of a [too] short life.” I pray that you will remember all of the good and am grateful for the lessons you have taught us through her. RIP Gracie Frugalwoods

  230. I am so very sorry that you’ve lost Gracie. There is a painful silence that descends on our homes when our beloved animal companions have to leave us. Having gone through variations of those horrible, hard days several times now, my only advice is that it’ll soften with time. It won’t go away and it won’t stop hurting, but it’ll soften as you think less of the end and more of all of the wonderful years before it. She was a very lucky dog and you were extremely fortunate to have found her and loved her. I hope, in time, when you’re ready, you’re able to again open your home and hearts to a rescue dog who deserves a family like yours. There are so many in need. She’ll be missed by all of us!

  231. Your loss is felt by us. Our greyhound means as much to us, in all the same ways, as Frugalhound meant to your family. May your memories bring you peace and comfort.

  232. I’m so sorry for your loss. What a lovely tribute to a special hound. Ex-racers have graced my home for the past 24 years, many of them adopted as seniors. Early on, a dear friend offered these comforting words: those of us who choose to share our lives with Beings whose lives are decidedly shorter than ours would choose nothing different. Rest in Peace, Frugal Hound. You will be remembered with love.

  233. Condolences.
    She had a great life, loved you guys and had thousands of admirers – what more could a hound want?
    Celebrate her and pass through the grief the best you can.

  234. I am so very sorry–Gracie was blessed with your human parents and that her end was swift. I once read adopting a pet is adopting heartache. That is true but still worth it. I know she will be remembered fondly.

  235. I once heard a quote, and I’m not sure where it’s from, “a grief shared is a grief diminished and a grief held inside is a grief intensified”. I might be paraphrasing there. I believe the point is that sharing helps with the pain of loosing something. Your post, your talking with family and friends, will help. It will never take away the sting of the loss, and your beloved dog will always be remembered. I’ve lost 5 dogs and 1 horse. The last one, the horse-Zoe, was the hardest. I hope to one day share Zoe and my story thru writing. Thank you for sharing with us all, even tho it was painful.

    1. Thank you for that! At our church we say, “shared joy is double joy and shared sorrow is half sorrow,” which I find to ring quite true.

  236. I am so very, very sorry. I could not even read the post. I barely got past the first paragraph and just couldn’t. I lost my rescue Jack Russell, Landon Donovan, 9/7/17. He had not been feeling well and I took him to the vet and they didn’t even want me to take him home. He was in acute renal failure, one test off the charts. It was my husband’s birthday (9/6) and I just was not prepared. So they gave him some IV fluids and I took him home. I was hoping to get through the weekend with him, but the next morning, he was just limp. I took him out to go potty, which he did, and he was just cuddly, something he had never been. He did not enjoy being picked up and he just folded in my arms. I knew it was time.

    I cried every day until 7 weeks later I picked up a little female chihuahua from our local Humane Society. I stopped crying about Landon, but I still miss him. We traveled cross country and back from Humboldt County, California to Beaufort, South Carolina in 2012, just me and him. I will always remember that trip so fondly. He was such a good little traveler. Luckily Lila also seems to like travel, though she does not like the other family dogs that my daughters rescued. Maybe with time…..Take care.

  237. I’m so sorry to hear about Gracie’s passing. I just loved viewing the pictures you posted of her – they exuded her wonderful goofiness and she will be missed. I’m comforted by the fact that she had such a wonderful life with you. Hugs from Montreal.

  238. Oh, I haven’t commented in far too long and what a post to come back to. The fact that I scrolled through hundreds of comments just to tell you how sorry I am already says everything I could possibly say. Frugal Hound was beloved by all of your readers. We will miss her. Thinking of you and your family!

  239. I’m going to miss Frugal Hound. I’m so sorry for your loss and grateful to see that you and your family embrace the life you did have with Gracie. I just lost Snow Dog, a big rescue dog of mysterious origins. His philosophy of life seemed to be eat, sleep, run, love, and protect. He was good in all his endeavors. May all our beloved pets rest in peace.

  240. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved Gracie. Your post was beautiful. I applaud your honesty with Babywoods. This must feel so hard right now and I wish you all comfort and peace.

  241. “Would that we could all live so fully, so simply, and go so quickly and with such little suffering.” Amen to that. This post was a beautiful tribute to a family member. We are so sorry for your loss.

  242. I’m so sorry for your loss, Frugalwood family. What a fun, full, interesting, and happily frugal life she got to share with all of you. Thank you for sharing your joys and sorrows with us.

  243. I’m so sorry to hear of Frugal Hound’s passing. Pets bring so much love and warmth to a home. Frugal Hound has brought so much joy to your readers over the years through the photos perfectly capturing her sweet personality and incredible fashion sense. She will be missed.

    Also, thank you for explaining honestly Frugal Hound’s death to Babywoods. When I was a kid my mom told me that our cat ran away and I spent years looking for her and hoping. I was angry when, as an adult, I found out that she had died. Death is a part of life, and explaining (in an age appropriate way) is the kindest thing you can do for your kids.

    Sending your family good vibes.

  244. 2 weeks before Christmas we put down the family cat. She’d stopped eating and couldn’t navigate up to her spots anymore. We struggled with the same questions you did and came to the same conclusions. Our five year old is still occasionally asking about her. The three year old has done so once. It’s hard losing a pet that’s been around so long they become part of the family. The cat actually predated me meeting my wife, almost a decade ago.

  245. This post had me in tears. I lost my beloved dog in September in exactly the same way at age 12. She had a lovely evening and just woke up having a seizure/stroke, and there was nothing we could do. She was such a wonderful pet and added so much to our lives and our family. And, her name was also Gracie. When I read that sweet Frugalhound shared her name, the ugly sobs began!
    I hope that after your new little one is born you can enjoy a dog again. We made the decision to adopt a sweet, 5-year old doggie this month and it is so wonderful to have her in our lives. My best to you. Hang in there during this sad time.

  246. There are others who can’t be seen. They speak of Gracie’s legendary running and kindness while Gracie listens with great patience, dazzled by the scents of the endless fields of wildflowers.

  247. I am very sorry for your loss. My last dog had a neurological episode as well, but did bounce back. It was about a year later I had to have her put down. She had neurological + orthopedic problems piling up, then she got ill, I’m assuming something she picked up from the dog park. That made the decision easier, but it was still also quite sad despite only being a day or so process. You hate to see them not just go peacefully in their sleep.

    It took me about a week to grieve, then I started being the creepy person at the park walking by myself, asking to pet everyone’s dog. About a week after that I started looking and immediately knew it was fate when I saw my current furry one. She is also a rescue with a lot of issues. It’s been 4 years now, and she still flinches sometimes even when I reach toward her or talk a little too loud. I worry about what will happen with her when she gets older with her PTSD, when she can’t see or hear as well. More surprises = higher bite risk unfortunately. She may not be able to stay around as long as my previous dog because of that.

    But thank you for rescuing a dog and providing her with such an excellent home. I hope you do it again, both for the sake of a sweet dog out there as well as all your readers, so we get to see more outfits 🙂

    Is there somewhere you would like readers to donate in Gracie’s memory?

  248. I loved seeing Frugal Hound on your blog. My brother lost his beloved dog in November and I fear my almost 14 y.o. cat Frida is showing signs of aging and it may also be her time. We love our pets, love them, need them. I know a new frugal hound is in your future. What a lucky dog Gracie was…I lost my beloved cat Emily years ago and life moved on, now I have four cats….as we all know there are plenty of funny and loving new pets out there needing a good home once the time of honoring and grieving has passed. God bless your home and your the upcoming birth.

  249. I am so sorry to hear about Frugalhound’s passing. Her pictures were my favorite pictures in your posts! She was part of the Frugalwoods family for your readers as well, and will be missed. Hugs and much love to you all.

  250. I am so sorry to hear about Frugalhound. I’m sitting here crying as I read it. I know how hard it is to make the decision to have a pet put down. I had to do it with my baby Cookie back in 2010 after having her for 12 years. Her organs were shutting down and I couldn’t bear the thought of her suffocating in the middle of the night all alone. My daughter and I were both with her when it was done. I was a hot mess for a long time and still year up when I think about her. I still have her ashes.

  251. I’m so sorry for your loss of Frugal Hound. These critters have such a way of worming themselves into our hearts. Just yesterday I listened to the Martinis and Your Money happy hour where you all talked about your pets. It was clear how much you loved her and she added to your lives.

  252. Reading this with tears in my eyes, even though I am on the other side of the world, dear Frugal Hound was in a small way also part of my life. You are all in my prayers.

  253. I’m so sorry for your loss of a Frugalwoods family member. Saying goodbye to pets is always awful-I still remember the three separate days we had to do that to the dogs we had while I was growing up. It sounds like Gracie had a wonderful life with you and this is a beautiful tribute to her.

  254. I’m so sorry for your loss. I understand because I had to go through that a couple of time during my life (I’m 63). It’ s very difficult: the daily life isn’t the same after that. Sorry…

  255. I’m so sorry to hear about Gracie. It doesn’t get easier with the next dog, it’s just different. We’ve had several dogs that have needed to be put down for different reasons. We’ve grieved over all of them. I still call our present dog by the last dogs name occasionally even though she’s been gone for several years. I tend to grieve longer then my husband. But, we always end up getting another dog within a short period of time. It gives us another dog to train and love while also taking another animal out of the ‘used’ system. My friend just lost her dog last week. He had a rare fungus in his stomach. Like Gracie, he was well loved and did his dogly duties with grace and good humor.

  256. Our cat passed away last spring, and our 4 year old still brings it up. When pets are brought up anywhere, she’ll say, “Our cat died.” Another 4 year old at church, whose dog also died last year, continuously asks for prayers for his dog. It definitely affects them, but it’s always good to share the truth and share that Gracie is wholly restored where she is now.

    I can’t imagine adopting another cat in the future, but maybe someday. But even now, 9 months later, it’s still too soon to talk about.

  257. I am very sorry for your loss. I now have two greyhounds, but I lost my first grey five years ago in an unexpected manner. He was jogging (like FrugalHound much too lazy to run) out to the yard to use the bathroom and snapped his back leg. At the vet we found he was riddled with bone cancer. Greys are wonderful dogs- so easy to live with. I wish you comfort as you deal with the changes her loss brings. Take good care. (Long time reader, first post)

  258. Dear Liz, oh what terrible news! I dreaded opening the post. My heart aches for you and your family. Gracie and Babywoods #1 were/are my favorite things about your blog. I hope you can take comfort in knowing you gave Gracie an excellent post-racing life. The one bad thing about dogs is that they don’t live forever. The pain is so very real and seems unbearable at the time. When I lost my dachshund 11 years ago when she was 17 I swore I would not get another dog – saying good bye was too hard. However, I now have TWO dogs – both rescued mutts – so I will never be dog-less again.

  259. I am so sorry for your loss.
    When I had to put my beloved lab down in 2010,I was inconsolable, he had been my baby and constant companion since my husband passed.
    My friend drove us to the vet and I remember him saying we have to take our comfort in the happy life we’ve given them and we also have to speak for them when their time is done,they’re not able to say it hurts so bad,please let me go…It is a beautiful peaceful way they are given to leave this earth,I have sat with many pets and helped them to be comfortable with a familiar scent while the medicine is administered.
    Don’t get another dog,you’ll have handsfull with your new arrival,enjoy Gracies memory. .

  260. I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. I too have so enjoyed seeing photos and hearing stories of Frugal Hound. Losing a beloved fur friend is painful, and your tribute to her in this post a lovely way to celebrate her life. Over a year ago I lost two cats who lived into their 20’s (!!!), one right after the other within a year, and when I see pictures of them I still get tears in my eyes. It took almost a year to date of the last one passing, before my little chihuahua, Boo, came into my life. An unknown past and slightly shy of strangers (we think she ran away and lived on a riverbank for an unknown amount of time), after living with us for 6 months she came out of her shell and is teaching me the joys of having a dog in my life. When/if the time is right for your family, another fur friend may come into your life, and the love and lessons Gracie gave you all can be shared with this new friend. Until then, it’s going to take time to mourn the loss of your beloved Frugal Hound Gracie. From what you’ve shared, sounds like you’re doing the right things.

  261. I am so deeply sorry for your loss of Frugal Hound. She was a beautiful dog and I enjoyed the many pictures and tales of her. Your eulogy to her was heart wrenching and profound and I cried throughout. May you and your family remember her through the many wonderful memories you made with her. Your family is in my prayers.

  262. So very sorry your loss. Saying goodbye to a beloved family pet is one of the hardest things you can go through. Hopefully you can take some comfort in knowing that you gave her a wonderful life for many years.

  263. As a fellow greyhound mom and longtime reader of your blog, my heart breaks for your family. Gracie has always sounded so much like our Beatrice – I’m sure they wound have gotten along swimmingly! Thank you for sharing such heartwarming photos of her (and her fancy attire!) and accounts of your life together. You gave her the greatest gift any dog can hope for – a loving, caring home. I too have an infant daughter, and I hope she’s lucky enough to forge a similar bond with our greyhound as she grows!

  264. Such a moving and insightful tribute. I am so, so sorry for your loss. A quote that comforted me a year or so ago, from another blogger who lost her dog, was “Grief is the price we pay for love” (Courtney Carver).

  265. I’m so very sorry for your loss. I said goodbye to a beloved kitty a couple of years ago, and still miss his sweetness. At the time, it gave me comfort to know that we’d done everything we could for him, and his death at that time was actually the best thing for him. But of course, the loss is still there.

    I did chuckle at your description of the Frugal Hound-Babywoods relationship. My daughter is eight, and our geriatric cat has the same feelings for her: often irritated, but grudgingly accepting of her presence.

    I hope your loving memories bring you peace during this sad time.

  266. I shed a few tears for you. I lost a treasured doggie many years ago and for a long time I kept expecting the little scamp to come sneaking around a corner any moment. The immediate grief will pass but Gracie will always be a cherished member of your family. You will eventually come to the place where you can be happy she was a part of your life. You all have our heartfelt sympathy.

  267. Although I have never commented before, I faithfully read your blog and am truly sorry for your loss. L-O-V-E-D Gracie’s pics and all stories associated with her. All the things you said about dogs is so very true! We lost our dog, Gilbert, who was a rescue, rather suddenly nearly 8 years ago, and we have had our new rescue dog, Doug, for about 7 years. Thoughts and prayers are with you during your time of grieving.

  268. Prayers always for your loss of such a beautiful soul dog! The reason I was drawn to your blog was your greyhound. I, too, have a beautiful, rescued, retired racer who broke her right leg in her 105th race in Florida! What I love about her are the same things you so elegantly enumerate in your blog! My dog, Tiff, looks exactly like Grace in full face forward! I couldn’t have written such a moving memoir! 💒💝🐶🐶🐶☺⛄❄🌞

  269. I cried this morning reading this tribute to frugal hound. I’ve loved reading your stories about her for years, thank you for always sharing the fun photos and advice. I too am 8 months pregnant (with a 16 year old pup myself) and I can’t image the pain of a loss like this right now. These creatures give us so much in their brief lives and she was a very special one for sure. Hoping you all find peace and comfort soon.

  270. It’s not often PF blogs bring me to tears, but this one did. So very sorry for your loss. I too am a dog lover and losing a best friend is just so hard but I always remind myself I would rather have a few short fun packed years with a pet, because I know that chances I will outlive them, than none at all. I always loved seeing the pic’s, especially the dress ups! RIP Gracie.

  271. I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved frugal hound. I’ve found time to be the only salve that works. In time, you will look at a photo, or conjure a memory, and you will smile or laugh instead of tears. Bless you all, and I truly, truly wish you comfort. xxx

  272. I am so incredibly sorry. We lost our lab 2 weeks ago and just found out our other dog has a very aggressive form of cancer and won’t have much more time with us. My heart is breaking for all of you. Just remember the wonderful times you’ve had together and someday you can rescue again and save another life.

  273. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Frugal Hound. We lost our beloved kitty Otis just a few weeks ago and we are still broken up about it. Our other kitties still look for him. When photos of Frugal Hound appeared on your site, it made me smile as he looked so happy to be a member of your family!

  274. So sorry for the loss of your furry first child. It seems they sometimes hold the space as long as they can while they wait for your next love to enter this world. Sending you prayers/energy for an easy last few weeks of your pregnancy and easy labor. Dogs are pure love.

  275. As I scroll through all of the comments that have been left for you, it is obvious that both you and Gracie have impacted lives. I am sorry for this sudden loss and understand how big of an impact that even our pets make on our lives. I hope your current sorrow will eventually be replaced by only the happy memories of your family times with her.

  276. I am so sorry to hear this news…we have a grey hound mix and she is the sweetest, most nurturing dog I have ever had. I know Gracie’s death will leave a hole in your hearts, but it will certainly be surrounded and healed by the many memories she has shared with you and your family.

  277. Another long time reader but first time poster. I lost my gorgeous dog 6 months ago, she was nearly 16…….my heart sank when I saw your blog title. I’m so sorry for your loss but hope you can see from all the replies how much love and care there is for both Gracie and you all. I’m hoping time does heal although writing this in tears at the moment. Please do remember the good memories of Gracie. Best wishes to all and for the imminent new arrival.

  278. Reading your post about Frugalhound out loud to my husband, I could barely see the words for the tears in my eyes, and sobbed out the story. I am so sorry for your loss of Gracie. It made me remember our Springer Spaniel/Labrador mix Shiloh, who had to be euthanized over a decade ago. She was similarly a gentle, loving dog who was content with little. I hope you and your family will be comforted by your memories of Frugalhound and the many posts and pictures featuring her. She will be unforgettable to all of us in the Frugal nation.

  279. Praying you’ll find comfort in good memories of Frugal Hound. I’ll miss seeing her sweet, sweet eyes. We had a Great Dane, Rigby, who could not resist garlic bread and he was tall enough to reach it just about anywhere. Though Rigby’s been gone for almost ten years, my daughter still celebrates his birthday with garlic bread.

  280. I am so sorry for your loss! This is the hardest part of being a pet lover/owner. Thank you for rescuing her, and providing her a life of comfort & love! I loved the photos you posted of her–she looked totally uninterested, which added to her personality & the pictures!

    1. “Totally uninterested” was Frugal Hound exactly!! She really just wanted to be left alone to nap 😉

  281. So sorry for you and the Frugalwoods fam. I had to put my beloved mutt to sleep a few years ago, for similar reasons – she woke me up in the middle of the night with a seizure, and then she continued having them every couple of hours. I had always pledged to her that when she was suffering I would take care of her, but making that decision was still incredibly hard. However, it was clear that she was suffering, and so I took her in and stayed with her while the vet gave her the shot. I knew she’d had a good long life with me but it was hard. It definitely sounds like you make the right, compassionate call to help your poor pooch when she needed it.

  282. I am so so sorry to hear about Frugalhound. I loved seeing her pics all dressed up. What a wonderful blessing pets are to us. They show us unconditional love, devotion, and appreciation of the things that matter. Hugs <3

  283. I am so truly sorry about the loss of your furry family member Gracie.
    May she always romp and play with all the other furry family members that have passed away and wait for us to join them!

  284. I am so so sorry to hear about Frugal Hound. I loved seeing her pics all dressed up. What a wonderful blessing pets are to us. They show us unconditional love, devotion, and appreciation of the things that matter. Hugs <3

  285. You have my deepest condolences. I had a Gracie as a little girl – also gone before her time. I’m hurting for you today.

  286. I’m so very sorry for the death of Frugalhound. She sounds like was a perfect dog. The only thing wrong with pets is, that they don’t live forever. My condolences to your family.

  287. I am so sorry. It may have been a blessing for Frugal Hound to have passed so quickly, but that also means that you did not have time to reach your peace with it and that is so, so hard. I had to put one of my cats down this summer the Saturday after an emergency vet visit on Thursday and I still feel disbelief that it happen so quickly. I’m sorry.

  288. I’m so sorry. What a terrible shock for you all. Our dog is ten and our children’s best friend, too, so I entirely understand your feelings. Take your time to grieve her.

  289. How very sad. It’s horrible losing a loved dog. Great memories though and as a reader I loved her pic
    tures and hearing about her. XXX

  290. Both of ours ended up going in a similar manner, but honestly, there is no good way. It’s the worst part of having an animal companion. It hurts, and it’s not fair, and all is not right with the world. I take comfort in the idea of the Rainbow Bridge. We took our time and allowed ourselves to grieve. Slowly, slowly over time I’d find myself thinking back on everything good. The thoughts of how they died slid into the background and the pain doesn’t raise its head very often any more.

    I’m so sorry for your loss, but happy that she found the best life a hound could have, and happy that we were also able to virtually share her. May your good memories comfort you all.

  291. This is a tragic turn of events! I’m truly sad to see frugalhound go. Best wishes to you and your family during this difficult time Mrs. FrugalWoods.

  292. I am so sorry for your loss. The only way to avoid the pain of loss is to never have loved. As much as it hurts when they go I would never trade the love and joy my pets have given me.

  293. As a lifelong greyhound lover and owner of 4 (all who’ve since passed), I was heartbroken when I saw the title of your post today. No matter how long we have them, it’s never enough time. I recently lost one of my pugs. It was completely unexpected, like Gracie’s was. As I sit hear with tears running down my face, all I can advise is that it takes time. The first day is the worst and thereafter they get a little better until what you remember are the happy memories more than the sadness. I am so sorry that she will no longer be a daily presence in your lives, but I hope that she will still resurface on your blog from time to time when a happy memory comes to mind.

  294. So sorry for your loss of Frugal Hound! Losing a pet can be very hard, but the great memories will be a comfort. I have owned so many pets over the years, and they all still come to mind from time to time, as it will be for you and Frugal Hound. Cherish the memories.

  295. So sorry. I had to put my 16 year old cat to sleep this week. She only suffered a short time too. But its still sad when I don’t see her around the house. Hugs to you.

  296. I saw the title and dreaded opening the emaill. I then debated whether I would have anything to add to this conversation as nothing can really make the pain better for you right now but decided to try. I lost my 14 year old dog when I was in my 7th month of pregnancy with my second child. One month later, my 17 year old dog died. She just kind of stopped trying when her best friend died. My 17 year old child was devastated, as were my husband and I. We headed to the shelter two weeks later, not because Gracie Rae and Maggie were replaceable, but because the empty space in our hearts was so big that we needed to fill a tiny corner of it again. Since I was due to have my second child in 4 weeks at the point, I emphatically insisted that we were rescuing an adult dog. My 17 year old of course fell head over heals with a puppy – the last in her litter to be adopted – and Sam came home with us. I told Sam she had exactly 4 weeks to be housebroken. I ended up having my second daughter 2 weeks early but Sam must have known that this whole housebreaking thing was really, really important because, despite being only 11 weeks old when we rescued her, she was fully housebroken before baby number two’s arrival (just for the record, I still recommend rescuing an adult dog if you are about to have a baby).
    Gracie’s memory will become sweeter and less painful over time but I am guessing that part of you will always miss her. The joy of sharing our lives with fur babies is well worth the pain of losing them but what a horrible pain it is.
    I actually think losing a well loved and well cared for pet, while hard for children, is ultimately good pain for them to endure. Our culture tends to hide death – people die in hospitals and everyone is back at work in 2 days. We all lose loved ones and losing a pet shows our children that this is a natural – if unwelcome – part of life, that it is okay to cry with the adults, and that we cry because we love and miss them and want them here with us but that the one who died really has gone on to a wonderful place (depending on your spiritual beliefs but I am pretty sure your family is Christian). One of my younger daughter’s 11 year old classmates lost her father last week. This is horrible no matter how you look at it but I feel like the experience of losing pets (our elderly cat died a few years ago and my younger daughter remembers this vividly) will help my own children empathize with the girl whose father died and accept that this is a (crappy) part of life.
    In closing, my heart is breaking for all of you. You will be in my prayers (for real, throughout the day). I am off to hug our menagerie.

  297. I just lost my “retirement buddy,” my 8 year old pet cat Mooshie in the past month very suddenly as well, I share your pain. Gracie was one lucky dog, that’s for sure. Thank you for adopting and saving her life, as well as celebrating her life now, in your grief. Your writing is extraordinary, thank you for the sharing.

  298. My mother in law died last week. What happens is she got really dosed up with morphine, then removed her breathing oxygen assist mask. Then, slowly, not enough oxygen gets to her lungs, and 5 hours later, she dies.

    Luckily, with our dogs, we’re able to put them down. Peacefully and without pain.

    Frugalwoods, I’m so deeply sorry for your loss. Your blog won’t be the same without pictures of that beautiful family member.

  299. I am so sorry for your loss. We are a dog family (we have two) and therefore my heart feels for you in a big way. My dogs are such a big part of my children’s lives. Babywoods was very lucky to grow with Frugal Hound for a bit. I loved how you wrote she learned empathy and respect….and love! Lots of love was had there! Hugs to you all during this difficult time.

  300. I am so very sorry for your loss. Saying prayers for you and your family. I know Gracie was such a huge part of your family.

  301. I am so very to hear about the loss of Gracie. We lost our beloved Norwegian elkhound, Jaeger, last September under very similar circumstances. One day he was with us, the next, he was gone. Although we all still miss Jaeger very much and no dog will ever replace him, last month we were gifted with a beautiful,rambunctious, 8 week old chocolate lab who we named Elly. Elly has brought a spark back to our lives that we had been missing. (Although having a puppy is like having a baby/toddler!) We already can’t imagine life without her. Please know that we are thinking of you all as you go through this difficult time. Our hearts and thoughts are with your family.

  302. I am so sorry to hear about Frugal hound’s passing. Its so awful to lose a pet who is part of the family. I am a relative new comer to your blog and absolutely loved the frugal hound pictures and the way you drew her into your blog. It was in fact one of the reasons why I got hooked onto your blog, because of your lovely attitude towards Frugalhound. I know you can’t think of getting another dog just yet and that you should first grieve your (colossal) loss, but I do so hope you will give another poor rescue dog a home in your wonderful family as there are so many lovely dogs out there who need homes and have so much love to give and you have the love and the space to keep one. Not only that, but your wonderful depictions of frugal hound and how you incorporated her into your life even had me looking up greyhounds as a breed as a potential future dog, so this could well encourage others to adopt rescue dogs or greyhounds. You are a very good role model. I have a rescue staffordshire bull terrier (which are a very unwanted breed in the UK where I live) whom I absolutely adore and always wish more people would adopt rescue dogs. Anyway, my thoughts and prayers go out to you during this trying time.

  303. such sad news . She was part of all our lives in a small way through your writing and i am thankful for that. Sending virtual hugs to you and your family xx

  304. My heart goes out to you. For so many of us our pets are members of the family and fill our lives with joy and amusement. I always looked forward Frugalhounds adorable pictures!
    May the joyful memories of her life bring you peace and comfort.

  305. I’m so sorry for your loss, losing a family member is always hard. All my love and best wishes going forward, Frugalhound will be sorely missed.

  306. Just another small voice to express my sorrow for your huge loss of a member of your family. I wanted to add, as deeply difficult as it was, my appreciation that your thoughts were for your precious pup and what was best for her at that time. We’re shedding a few tears here in AK, and pray for you to find deep comfort in her joyful (and well documented) sweet life.

  307. I am so sorry… since I have been reading your blog, I felt like I got to know and love her, greyhounds have started appearing in my stories, and you have very much instilled a desire in me to home a hound when my circumstances allow! RIP Frugalhound Gracie, hope you are lounging in doggy heaven if such a place exists!

  308. So so sorry. My heart broke for you and your family as soon as I saw the title of your post. Hope you can find some comfort in cherishing the wonderful memories you’ve had with Frugalhound.

  309. Dearest Frugalwoods family, my heart goes out to each of you.
    Your beautiful and goofy hound is what inspired us to adopt a retired racing greyhound a year and 1/2 ago. I fell in love with Frugalhound and the breed through your posts and pictures. You gave her such a wonderful home and her memory will live on in all our hearts! ( And in the greyhounds who were adopted because of her!)

    1. Oh that makes me so happy to hear! Greyhound make such wonderful pets and I’m so glad you welcomed one into your home 🙂

  310. I’m very sorry to hear about your loss. We had a similar loss a few years ago before our second child came into our lives, but one month without a dog in the house and I found our next love, Ruby, to become a part of our family. I always thought maybe we’d wait on another dog, but I knew we had a warm loving home to provide to another dog in need of a special place to sleep and therefore opened our arms up to adding again to our family in that way before our second baby arrived. And our old Bambi shines through Ruby at times which is a delight. Gracie will shine through in another pup in the future.

  311. So sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing your dog with us and for being such great humans for Gracie. Time will help. I wish you peace.

  312. I am so very sorry to read this. Losing a furry family member is so hard, especially when there’s no time to prepare. Frugal Hound will always be with you in thoughts and memories, happily sniffing along the trails.

  313. I am so sorry to hear this. A similar thing happened to our rescue dog Claire who we also had for about 8 years. It was so sudden and so strange. We too made the descision to put her down and although it was the right one, we were so sad. She was such a part of our family and we loved her. I think it is wonderful that Frugal Hound was featured in so many of your posts. She looked like she was well loved.

  314. So sorry to read of your loss of Gracie. They are such a wonderful part of our lives and take a piece of our heart with them. The saying ‘paw prints on our heart’ is so, so true. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  315. I’ve been a long time lurker, but I wanted to express my condolences for your loss. I always enjoyed Gracie’s appearances and having lost two cats, one suddenly and another over a few months, I just wanted to say that I’ve been exactly where you are and I’m sending you and your family all my best wishes.

  316. I’m so sorry for your loss. The critters in our homes are truly also in our hearts, always. Years ago, I discovered the Rainbow Bridge poem and it’s seen me through too many pet passings since. It always makes me cry but I love the imagery. A quick google search should present it to you. We currently have a 2-year-old son and he gives our dog and two cats the same kinds of love as you described of your daughter. That connection is so valuable. Remember the good times and thank you for sharing with all your readers. We all loved Frugalhound too.

  317. I am so sorry for your loss.

    The same thing happened to my 17 year old dog in May 2017. He very occasionally had small seizures, but the vet didn’t diagnose any underlying issues. He always recovered from them, so we let him be. Then one night he had a big one, and was never the same. He seemed to take it in stride, like he had done the other small seizures, for the first couple of days, but then his quality of life started to deteriorate. Taking him to the vet, the vet that had been taking care of him since we got him when he was 2 months old, to be put to sleep was one of the hardest decisions my mother and I had to make.

    We were able to give him a final day, full of good food, love, and family. But I often wonder if it wouldn’t have been better if his departure was sudden. Having heard your story about FrugalHound…I think losing a loved one is difficult whether or not you have warning and time to prepare.

    Know that you are not the only one who has gone through this. I can’t say the grief goes away, but I can tell you the gratitude of having known them eventually eclipses the grief. Enough to make it bearable. Writing down all of my puppy’s little habits helped me, and I will always have cherished memories of him.

  318. Always hurts to have to put down an immediate family member. Our cat was failing and unable to support or feed herself. My wife had to drive because I was too much of a wreck. My dad died after a long illness, so it was a relief of sorts. Our cat was pretty sudden, so it actually had more impact that when dad died. We did without a replacement for about 6 months, but then our daughter suggested we start looking. And I’m glad we did. Good luck as you transition along.

  319. So sorry about Gracie. I had the same thing happen to my beloved cat Pumpkin. He had a few episodes like her and recovered each time. This last time though was his last. Came home from work to find out my son found him and put him in a towel lined laundry basket and covered him with another towel. My baby waited for me to come home before he died. He was my Gorgeous Hunk-a-boy.

  320. I am so very sorry for your loss of your wonderful dog. We had to put our 14 year old German Shepherd – Cheyanne to sleep on 4/10/17 – she could not get off of the floor anymore or see very well. It was a very hard decision, but for the best. She was a timid, nervous 100 pound baby, but a very loyal friend to us. I think of her almost every day. It takes a long time to grieve, I remember being sick with the grief and my husband that never cries crying as much or more than me, but we kept moving along. We are just starting to think about another dog,maybe a littler dog this time. Time is the only thing that helps. It also helps us to know she lived a life of pure leisure and we were so very happy to give her that. Take care.

  321. I am so very sorry for your loss. RIP sweet Gracie. She did not suffer in the end, and had one very posh doggie life right up until the end. That is really amazing.

    My old girl is 14 and it is a slow decline. She is already totally helpless and relies on us to get her off her bed. I haven’t lost any pets as an adult, but she is my first dog and its going to be the hardest. We will probably have to make the decision for her.

  322. My deepest condolences on your loss. Losing a pet is never easy. Wishing you the best to get through these tough days ahead, and keep remembering all the good times you had together.

  323. I am so sorry about Gracie aka Frugal Hound. I have lost many animals that I loved a lot . My mom had a standard schnauzer who was my best friend and along with a Heinz 57 aka mix breed dog who was so sweet and a rascal. Since then I have lost several cats due to old age, and illness. It hurts every time. I will always think of them fondly and remember them. Normally I have a good cry and maybe a toast to them.
    I am glad she went quickly and did not suffer much. You did the right thing in letting her go. It is never an easy decision.
    All my best to you and your family. Take care and take some time.

  324. A very gentle and sweet post, about a tough subject. I am sorry that you lost Gracie-and that seems the correct name for her. You did the right things for her; dogs need to feel part of a pack, and to have long walks, and to feel safe. Toys are a boredom fighter. I always tell people that dogs and children are not in competition with each other: they each have their own place in our hearts. With a toddler and a new baby on the way, I can imagine that this is not the time for a new dog. Maybe next year, when things have fallen into routines, and you have time to devote to another new member. People forget that companion animals need attention paid to them also! Bless you all for your aching hearts.

  325. Ugh this broke my heart 🙁 I’m so so sorry for your family’s loss. You guys will be in my thoughts and prayers. I always love seeing pictures of Frugal Hound. One of my dogs is 12 and I try to cherish every day with her.

  326. They take a piece of our heart with them, don’t they? I have 3 dogs currently and they’re family, but I’ve had many others through the years. The love of a dog is like nothing else on earth.
    I’d highly recommend getting another dog, but not with a new baby in the house. You’ll have enough to cope with, without bringing what is essentially another new baby into the mix!

  327. Sorry to hear about your loss. I always loved the pictures and stories of Frugalhound. She will be missed, but remembered, by your readers as well as by your family.

  328. Oh, no! I’m not even a dog person but I have been loving Frugal Hound since before you guys left Cambridge. I remember Big Brother seeing a picture of Gracie and laughing, “That dog is going to drink coffee and read the news!”

    She will be missed by your many new and longtime readers. I am so sorry her time with you was too short.

  329. Long time reader but first time commenting. I am so sad to hear about Frugal Hound. It was clear she was very loved and received a lot of attention. All dogs should be so lucky.
    When my dog died 5 years ago, I cried every day for 3 weeks and thought I would never get over her. My life seemed empty even though I am married and had 2 young children at the time. Somehow as the weeks passed I was finally able to talk about her without crying and get out of the house more. We did get another dog about a month later which did help me a lot as I got busy taking care of her. Initially I felt that I wasn’t going to be able to love her like I had the first one and even though her personality is very different I love her just as much. The timing is different with everyone when they decide to get another dog. You will know when the time is right. There is always another rescue dog waiting for a great home where they will be loved and treasured.
    Please take comfort that you gave Frugal Hound a great life and shared her life and funny stories/pictures over the internet with us lucky readers.

  330. I’m very sorry about the sad news. Thank you for your beautiful tribute essay, and for sharing Frugalhound with us over the years.

  331. I am so sorry to hear about Frugal Hound. I loved her as if I had met her because of all the wonderful pictures and stories you posted about her.
    Know that she is on the Rainbow Bridge waiting for you and you will see her again!
    God bless you in your time of sorrow.

    1. Thank you! I still have that picture you drew of the three of us hanging in my office! You captured her long houndy face so perfectly 🙂

  332. Oh I am so sorry to hear that your beautiful girl has gone to rainbow bridge. I feel a great sense of loss today, I think we’ve gotten to love her as if she were one of our own fur kids. I shall raise a glass tonight to that beautiful girl. Just know that the few years you had her, they were her best years and talk to her often as she will always here you, she is never far away.

  333. Never posted but had to while reading this. I am so sorry. We saw our first dog a rescue from our local pound) get hit by a car when I was 10 and it was awful. You mention things we do to honor our pets. My dad was really talented and making things out various material castoffs, and after Mandy died, he took an old piece of tree branch and sanded into a small rectangle, carved her name in it, and then we stuck a photo of her on it. That’s still in my childhood bedroom now. It was as meaningful then as it is today. Sending you lots of love and thank you for giving Frugalhound a wonderful retirement after her racing life.

  334. Virtual prayers, hugs and tissues! I gave my 8 yr old black lab an extra big hug this morning after reading this.

  335. I am deeply sorry for your loss of Frugal Hound. She was a beautiful, gentle soul (obvious from your photos.)
    I am looking at a chair with a deep indention on top, where my Simon cat used to sleep. He’s been gone a few months, and I still forget occasionally and expect to see him there.
    Life is taking hold, and letting go. Gratitude is what makes the letting go bearable.

  336. I am deeply sorry for your loss. Frugalhound was such a sweet, gentle soul, as she exhibited every day with your Babywoods. Your description of her sudden death and how it, though heartbreaking, was preferable to a painful illness, brought tears to my eyes. Five days ago, my beloved Boston Terrier, Teo, died very suddenly from what was (apparently) complications from Inflammatory Bowel Disease, an illness he had suffered from (and I mean suffered) for two months. He was only nine-years-old, a rescue I adopted when he was one and had always been very healthy and happy, a joyful boy whose sweetness and just plain adorableness made me overlook his penchant to jump on my dining room table and tear up centerpieces, eat apple pies, etc… He suddenly became ill in November and no amount of vet visits, medications, or special diets healed him. We have no idea what caused it. I was told it took at least six weeks for the treatment/food to start working and while we waited, my precious boy grew skinnier and skinnier with side effects from the steroid he was on that I’ll keep to myself. He was miserable, but since there was supposedly light at the end of the tunnel and a chance of him regaining his health, I fought like hell to keep him going. Then, last Wednesday, after a perfectly fine day (or what had become “fine” for him) the day before, he stepped through our back door, fell over like a rock and died almost instantly. At least that wasn’t painful, at least I hope not. My heart is broken and I feel like he went through so much for nothing. All he did was suffer through day after day of poor health, just to (as I’ve read countless times on the IBD Facebook support page I joined) “lose his battle.” Assisted suicide supporters often say that we are more humane to animals because we euthanize them to relieve their pain. But when do we do that? It’s so hard to make the decision of when is right, especially in a case like my boy’s. I wanted him to have my silly, adorable boy back. I wanted to take him on walks and make up for all he went through getting well. But it was not to be and he is gone. I still can’t believe it. I miss his precious face and the way he would wiggle his entire body with happiness. I miss his, even in the worst part of his illness, jumping up to greet me when I came home. I’ll always feel great pain over the pain HE went through. If only I could have asked him what HE wanted, whether he wanted to keep “fighting,” I could have, perhaps, had the courage to let him go, even though there was still that chance of recovery. I feel your pain in this very tough time. You gave Frugalhound a wonderful life. God bless you for that.

  337. For the first time, I FROZE in fear when your email in my inbox. I am so, so sorry and sad for your family. How lucky Miss Frugalhound was to have found you and her family…and you gave her Heaven on Earth…a large farm where she didn’t have to ride in cars. You understood her needs and provided for them. She is busy bragging in heaven right now, in a lazy, relaxed manner. I loved every picture that you posted, she was such a STAR. I look forward to reading future posts…and take care, be gentle with yourselves, tis a trying time for all. Best wishes. Barb

  338. Oh, Frugalwoods family, I’m so very sorry for your loss. Frugalhound won the lottery the day she went home with you, and I’m sure you all feel just as lucky to have been her pack. Thank you for rescuing her, teaching her to trust again, and for sharing her with your lucky readers. She is greatly missed and will never be forgotten.

  339. I am so so sorry to read this (although I’m already crying so I can’t quite read it all yet). I have loved the adorable pictures of sweet Gracie that you have shared with us, she brought happiness to your readers. It was clear she was much loved.

  340. My heart missed a beat when I saw the title of your blog post. I’m so sorry for your loss! It’s a terrible thing to lose a much beloved dog, sadly I’m speaking from experience. Wishing you and your family all the best and lots of loving Gracie memories. Best wishes from The Netherlands

  341. I love the book,
    “Lifetimes: The Beautiful Way to Explain Death to Children”. It has wonderful illustrations and talks about butterflies, animals, and people.

  342. So very sorry to hear of your loss. I loved hearing about frugal hound on your blog and seeing her photos. She was so lucky to have a family like yours.

  343. My heart grieves with you, I am sitting here crying/grieving with you. I am a avid dog lover of 9 small dogs and I want to send my condolences to you and the family. I grew to love her and looked forward to seeing her in your pictures….

  344. I am so very sorry for your loss. Gracie was so very fortunate to have “retired” to the country with you and had such a full life being loved.
    I am a foster-care provider for the local humane society. I take the ones who have special medical needs, or mother with puppies that need time and quite to grow before they go off to their forever homes. There is always grieving. I started fostering after we lost our Mastiff to cancer when she was only 3 years old. Most of the time the foster dogs have a wonderful outcome, but sometimes, especially with sick puppies, there is loss. I cry, I celebrate the time with them and hold a place for them in my heart. Loss is never easy and we all have it eventually. I think your blog post is a lovely start on the grieving process. Time is the only healer I know.

  345. I am so sorry to hear about Gracie. I admit that when I first found your website it was a picture of her that drew me in more because we have a retired greyhound in our family too. I have enjoyed your pictures and posts about her over the years. You had some really great poses! She was clearly loved and had a great life with you. This was a great post honoring her and a good reminder to find joy in every day. Wishing you the best during this hard time.

  346. We had to put our dog down over 30 years ago, and I could still hear his tags jingle even tho he was gone. I would look for him, what a wonderful dog he was! He was a “mut”, or as the vet said, an “all American ” dog. I didn’t want another dog because no other dog could ever take Teddy’s place. Fast forward 30 years and we have had our cat for 19 years! We love Momma Kitty so much, as she is our baby! We cover her up when she sleeps, brush her, take to her, and love on her so much. She recently made a couple trips to the vet (she is like FH regarding a trip to the vet) because of kidney problems, which just started, so some meds and new food have helped her. She has even had a new burst of energy. We are enjoying her ever so much! It is so hard to lose a pet, even harder to decide to put an animal down. As our vet said, “making the decision to put your animal down is part of being a responsible pet owner”. Hard, but just like you, we take care of our kitty and save on other things. It took several hundred dollars, but she is doing well. I am sure we will have to make the hard decision someday, but we treasure this family member and will do what is best for them. You know that FH was taken care of and that she was loved. That is all any of us pet lovers can do. Tears in my eyes for FH and for you!

  347. Dear Frugalwoods,
    I wish you the very best in moving through these next few days. They will seem long and oh so silent. When I lost pets I found the loss of their presence intolerable. They all remain in my heart as Gracie will in hours. She had a lovely countenAnce and beautiful expressive eyes. Good that she went to doggie heaven so rapidly and hopefully painlessly. Big hugs to you all. Xoxo. Susan

  348. So sorry for you and your families loss of Gracie. I loved seeing and reading about her on your post. I have a whippet, several over the years (rescues and returns to the breeder), and they are very similar in nature to a greyhound. So sweet. Barnaby, my velcro boy, great hunter of giant black bees and expert counter surfer, was the last one I said goodbye too. He was so sweet. He was 14 and during the last two years of his life had degenerative nerve damage in his spine. There is no good time to say goodbye and on his last day, it was very difficult but I knew it was the right thing to do for him. His mind was good but his body was preventing him from having a good quality of life. Take good care.

  349. Oh, my gosh, I am so very, very sorry to hear of her passing. I have so thoroughly enjoyed reading about her on your blog. Please know that you all are in my thoughts. After losing humans and fur babies close to me, this quote comforts me: Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

  350. So sorry for your loss. Our pets become part of our family and it is extremely painful to lose them. Know that you have given her a great life. Rest In Peace Frugalhound

  351. I’m so very sorry for your family’s loss. It was abundantly clear from your writings that Frugalhound was loved and that she knew it. I hope that your memories continue to bring you joy and help the grief fade with time.
    Last year, when my daughter was two, my Mom became critically ill. We used the book “Lifetimes: The Beautiful Way to Explain Death to Children” to help talk about death with our little ones. We were really lucky, and my Mom is recovering, but the lessons of the book hold true still. Best of wishes to you and your family.

  352. My heart lurched when I saw the subject matter of your post. As an animal lover who has outlived some of my dear pets, I know the pain that you must be feeling. A wise person once said, when you choose to bring a pet into your life, you sign up for the eventual tragedy. Unfortunately there is no easy remedy. The only way out is through. Remember the loving home you gave her and that she knew she was loved. Allow yourself to grieve and eventually the pain in your heart will be replaced with all your loving memories. RIP Gracie

  353. oh my goodness, bless your grieving hearts. losing a friend like this is just so very hard and i send my sympathies. i am so very sorry for your sad news. and your readers will so miss her antics and fun. frugal hound has been a fave since i first found her and your blog. being older and having lost family dogs before, i would urge you to, at some point, consider another pet. they are so fun for kids and i believe, make kids better kids. the lessons our pets teach us are often ones only they can teach. that said, i don’t think it’s something you can rush. when – or if – the time is right, you’ll know it. there’s no right or wrong in my opinion. corgis have always been our breed. our first lived 13 years, the second 7, and our most recent, 15. we’ve not gotten another at this point, but we will….when the time is right. lastly, i will leave you with this thought. each dog we’ve had, we have loved with all our hearts. each has been the same breed, but totally different in personality, each with it’s own lesson to teach, each with it’s own unique blessings to share. hoping time eases your pain.

  354. Oh how your hearts must be hurting! I truly am sorry for your loss. I always laughed out loud at her pictures and the quotes you came up for her captions. May she rest in peace and may you feel the generous love of her pawprints for life.

  355. OMG, I’m devastated and Frugal Hound wasn’t even my dog. I loved her gentle nature, and those costumes, hahahahaha. I am so incredibly sad for your loss. She was a great dog!

  356. Frugal Hound will forever be linked to you in my mind. I’ve enjoyed her pictures over the years and am very sorry for your loss. May the good memories become great ones as time marches on.

    And a heartfelt congratulations on baby #2! That kid just hit the parental jackpot!!

  357. How wonderful for your family to be so blessed with your cherished time with Gracie. How wonderful for Gracie that you were her earthly loving family. And how wonderful it was for your Frugalwoods community to share even in a little way in her beloved life. Thank you. You are in our prayers.

  358. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s so hard to lose our best friends. Just last night I dreamed of our family dog, who had to be euthanised 19 years ago – I still miss her.

    Very best wishes to you all, and sending wonderful positivity for the final month of pregnancy.

    RIP, Frugal Hound. Dear Gracie. xxx

  359. I’m so sorry for your loss! I’ve followed your blog for a year and have always loved the Frugal Hound stories. I’ve lost several pets (losing my first dog when I was 10 was my first experience with death), and it doesn’t get any easier. Thinking of you all as you adjust to life without her.

  360. Oh no, I’m very sorry to hear the passing of Frugal Hound, I have always enjoyed seeing her pictures on the blog. 🙁

    Passing of pets is something I didn’t experience growing up. Now with 2 kids and a cat pet at home, I wondering what we would to tell to our kids once our cat eventually passes. I guess that’s a life lesson that parents have to teach their kids eventually.

  361. Dear Frugalwoods family, when I opened my email and saw the Subject Line: “Remembering Frugal Hound”, my heart sank, and I hoped that what I was about to read WASN’T going to be what I was about to read. My eyes welled up with tears when I read your post but your words also soothed me; it was obvious how loved Frugal Hound (Gracie) was and what a wonderful life she had with you and your family; albeit not as long as you would have liked – who is ever ready to say “good-bye”? Two articles which I hope you find solace in reading are “Like Animals” by Laura A. Moretti (From The Animals’ Agenda – March 2002) and “Why Do Dogs Leave Earth First” (a child answers) from aplacetolovedogs.com. And I would like to leave you with the following poem I received in a sympathy card years ago, which has always stayed with me – “The tide recedes but leaves behind bright seashells on the sand. The sun goes down but gentle warmth still lingers o’er the land. The music stops yet echoes on in sweet refrains. For every joy that passes, something beautiful remains. Know that many of your readers are sending healing thoughts your way. Hugs!

  362. This made me tear up, when I saw this this morning, I literally gasped when I saw the subject. I am so sorry, for your loss, they are family, no doubt about it. Gracie will wait at the Rainbow Bridge, they always say your pets give you the best days and one of the worst, which is so true. She had a wonderful amazing family and life with all of you. We had to let our sweet 19 year old kitty go in May, she had kidney failure and had a few bad seizures as well, it is so hard and agonizing, but you did right by her and she knows it. I wish you so much comfort as you navigate through the storm of grief. A donation to greyhound rescue will be made in Gracie’s honor, to help another sweet soul. Many blessings.

  363. I am so so incredibly sorry for your loss. Our family lost our 8 year old greyhound Dobby last year and, similar to Frugal Hound, Dobby came to us as a fearful, timid dog off the track and blossomed to be a lazy, happy houndie. Losing Dobby was devastating and my heart truly goes out to you and your family as you’re going through losing your sweet girl. My husband I always eagerly read your posts, primarily for the content but admittedly also to see what shenanigans Frugal Hound was getting up to. She was just the cutest, sweetest pup and you could tell with every post how much love you gave her and that she gave you right back. I won’t lie and say that it’s going to get easier anytime soon, but in time the hurt of the ending will slowly be replaced by all the wonderful memories of the times you shared.Take care of each other and don’t be hard on yourselves–you changed that little girl’s world when you adopted her and gave her such a happy, contented retirement. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  364. Sending you warm thoughts; so very sorry for your loss of sweet Gracie. She certainly did her part, helping you with your blog; I really looked forward to seeing her photos and know she probably loved posing for them. She seemed to be so loving. Pets are so much part of a family that we never ever forget them. When the right time comes, your next companion will surely find you.

  365. I just subscribed to this site yesterday and so looking forward to a post from you, I take those words back now. I looked around enough to fall in love with your dog, what a cute way you involved her into your blog. I am a pet person, but not a dog person, allergies in the home, but your doggie was so adorable! I was so immediately saddened to see the title, how heartbreaking! Losing a fur baby leaves such a whole in our hearts and a whole in our families…….sending prayers and hugs! I know I chose a great blog family to join into from all the kind words being sent from total strangers, I hope they help your family at this sad time. Best wishes for a safe birth from a mom of seven.

  366. What hard news to share and what a hard adjustment for your family. Frugalhound had a wonderful life where she was loved and cared for and felt safe. That is what is so important – you took good care of her from adoption on and she will be in your hearts forever. We have a rescued black lab who has been with us for 10 plus years and will become a teenager this year. Like frugalhound she doesn’t like car rides and prefers to stay in other than walks and she is also is slow decline with a spinal issue and is losing control of some functions. Which is hard to see and looking for a cause would cause her more anxiety and pain and not solve anything so we are going the palliative route and looking for opportunities to give her extra love. We have had to talk to our 4 year old about what is happening and it was so hard but no euphemisms and he has gone from wanting to keep her forever as she is to understanding that she will be in our hearts. It comes up a lot but he is processing it and maybe it will make it easier for him as things progress. Last night my husband explained about what would happen and added that Mommy was going to cry a lot. Which is true.

  367. We lost one of our cats two years ago at 19.5 years. His last months sound almost identical to the end for Frugalhound, even down to the last day. Our baby’s last night was awful, and it was relief that his suffering (although short in duration) was over. We found a fabulous vet who came to our home and our other cat was there with us when we said goodbye. I would highly recommend having a vet come to the house rather than take a suffering pet to the vet’s office, if it’s possible. I can’t say we’re over him, or will ever be. We just remember good times and try to keep all the “Could we have…”s at bay. My husband keeps his collar on his rear view mirror and every so often, one of us will ring the bell on his collar and say, “Every time a bell rings a Tabby gets his wings”.

  368. I am so saddened for you! I have two fur babies that are 14 years old. I can’t fathom life without either one let alone one being with out the other. They are peas and carrots. I can cry just thinking of the day I lose them. I know it is difficult to consider right now especially with a new baby on the way……but I feel sure you will find a pup to adopt. They add so much to our lives! I would have 5 if I could! Nothing but unconditional love. Who else is so excited to see you, never complains, and all you have to do is put a little effort in. I agree with you, the basics for pet care are a definite requirement. Toys, a few will do. They will have their favorites and then the others get neglected and eventually tossed out. Both mine are rescues as well and I firmly believe that they know it. They appreciate it, they get it.
    We are all grieving with you. Obviously she had completed her jobs here on Earth and you will get to see her again one day. Find peace in that.

  369. Longtime reader, never commenter. I’m so sorry to hear this sad news, Liz. When I lost my Milly it was the same- short sharp decline and wishing terribly that I’d known and enacted that final day better. But I had to decide in the end that the whole of her life was what mattered. To be honest the pain was as bad as losing a favourite close relative. Although the grief fades it actually never really goes away, just like the loss of a human. My only advice would be to let yourself feel it, have a few cries, and talk to your husband about her. Hug your baby girl. And when you’re ready- forgive me for saying this so early, I know it might seem inconcievable- consider getting another dog. I thought I could never love another dog but long term house sitting showed me that I could. A good dog just makes the world brighter. RIP frugal hound xx

  370. My heart sunk this morning like many readers have commented. What a beautiful tribute to Gracie. You gave her a wonderful life. She will be missed by the entire Frugalwoods community.

  371. I am so so deeply sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved frugalhound. I know words can not express the sadness I feel for you and your family. I can tell from your blog post that frugalhound was family. My partner and I had to say goodbye to our loving dog Griffin in December after being diagnosed with a tumor. We are still grieving, but I know that he is no longer in pain. I just want you to know that your Frugalwoods family have you and your family in you thoughts during this time.

  372. Frugalwoods Family, I’m so sorry you’ve lost Frugal Hound, Gracie.

    I’ve experienced the death of humans close to me but not a pet, I imagine it’s just as difficult since pets become part of your family.
    I never thought my first post here would be one to offer condolences. 🙁 Although I initially dreaded reading it, I’m glad you shared this wonderful tribute (sad as it is) and allowed us to share these beautiful memories, and laugh and cry with you.

    I didn’t grow up with pets and wouldn’t naturally be who anyone would call a “pet person”, and yet over the past few months, I’ve found myself reasoning that if I got a pet, it would definitely be a greyhound like the Frugal Hound! Her story, your love, and the amazingly adorable and hilarious pictures and commentary surrounding Frugal Hound really pulled me in. FH was a part of our lives through yours and will certainly be missed! Thank you for sharing her with us, I will remember her fondly. 🙂

    “Smile though your heart is aching
    Smile even though it’s breaking
    When there are clouds in the sky, you’ll get by
    If you smile through your fear and sorrow
    Smile and maybe tomorrow
    You’ll see the sun come shining through for you”
    Composer: Charlie Chaplin / Lyricists: John Turner & Geoffrey Parsons / Performer: Nat King Cole 1954

  373. Since early this morning I have been trying to find words of comfort that might take the sadness away and I just can’t. I am so sorry to hear of Gracie’s death. She was a joy to watch in your posts. The world will be a bit smaller without her.

    Photos and, in our case, a special Jessie pillow, help us remember our big girl who left us a few years ago. We also have Jessie legends that we share with the dogs that are with us now. I have no doubt Baby woods 1 and Baby woods 2 will enjoy the story of Gracie. Hugs during this sad time.

  374. I’m so sorry about Gracie. We lost our 3 year old french bulldog Ella this past summer due to a similar condition, and it was one of the worst losses my husband and I have ever experienced. Dogs love unconditionally in a way that no human ever could and they show us how to be better people just by loving them. Time has eased our pain and we have since brought another puppy home as a companion to our other dog, but nothing could ever replace the hole in our hearts that our girl left behind. She was so full of life and pure of heart and I will miss her always. I still cry often just thinking of her.

  375. Oh, I’m so sad to read this. We lost our dog very suddenly just before Christmas, and in the same way our grief and shock about the sudden way it happened are somewhat mitigated by knowing he had 10 happy and healthy years right up until the very last day.
    We too have picked apart the final hours (in our case, barely one hour) to understand what happened, is there anything we could have done differently. I think this is a natural human instinct.
    There are so many holes in our house and our days, as I know there are in yours. I can’t say how we are dealing with this, as it is still very fresh. I will say that we have been very honest with our 2 and 5 year old children, and they have if anything been more resilient than us. Children often surprise you.
    My thoughts are with you all.

  376. I am so very sorry for your loss. I feel like I lost her too. I started crying when I read this! Her photos were so sweet and I know she was an important part of your family. So sorry.

  377. Frugalhound and what she meant to you and yours broke my heart. Though we have cats, MY car Moochie, one day could no longer eat and only could drink from a dixie cup which I held for her. I took her to the vet and was told she had a massive tumor and could not recover. I too made the decision to put her down, because she was suffering so much. I held her, during her last moments, and then cried, for what seemed forever for the next month. She was so important to me as she was the only one that “truly understood me.” Be brave, loving, and carry on.

  378. I am so sad for you and your family.I could see by your blogs that Frugal Hound was greatly loved.I will miss seeing the pictures of her.She looked like such a gentle soul.

  379. I am so sorry for your loss. I want you and Mr FW to understand very clearly that you gave Gracie a wonderful life. From her annual vet checks, which considering their difficulty you could have decided to drop. To her preventive meds to her grainfree food. You bought her a special heating pad so when she lay down she would be all warm and cozy, just like a loving hug. You let her be who she was, which is a special gift, you took the time to learn who she was, showing more of your caring and responsibility for her.
    It is so clear that you loved her and were serious about the priority she was in your lives. Through the grief and tears you can always KNOW that her great life was a gift from your love to her.
    PS Bless her for her patience so we could enjoy all her dress-ups; Gracie was a pure delight.

  380. I’m so sorry to hear about Frugal Hound’s passing. She will really be missed by us readers, so I can only image how you must be feeling.

  381. I’m so very sorry for loss. Gracie seemed like a very sweet dog. Your tribute to her seemed very heartfelt and warm. When my fat cat, Moe died a year and a half ago, it was and is the hardest thing that I’ve had to deal with in my 35 years of life. I’m lucky to have never lost a human best friend, sibling, or parent… but l’m not embarrassed to say that losing Moe was harder than losing my grandparents. He was a daily part of my life for 12 years. I still miss him a lot, but a year a half later I can talk about him and think of the silly things he did with warmth & a smile instead of sadness. After he died I also had a lot of guilt about what I could have done differently and what the last moments of his life were like. I read a lot of articles and blogs about pet loss and grief and it seems those types of thoughts are pretty normal (just knowing that made me feel a lot better). Ultimately, I talked about Moe a lot, I cried a lot; and I memorialized him in a few ways (a great picture of him in a frame I like, a piece of art work, a stone for the garden)…… it takes time. It helps me remember that it’s okay to cry about sad things. It’s part of life and it’s part of the process. Sending healing thoughts and feelings of comfort your way. <3

  382. We’ve had a parade of pets through our lives. Some left suddenly while others lingered. I agree with you that the sudden ones are kinder to them. While everyone deals with loss differently, I try to stay focused on the gift on having them in my life at all rather than the empty spot they leave behind. That spot never goes away but, when you’re ready, it’s a lot less painful when a new fur baby comes into your life.

  383. So sorry to hear that your beloved frugal hound has passed away. Thinking of you and your family and sending lots of loving kindness x

    I grew up with a beagle cross and we lost her in a similar fashion to Frugal hound; suddenly, inexplicably and it was an eventful few hours. But we, too, took comfort knowing that she’d had the best life imaginable – living on a property and being the matriarch of the family.

    Time will heal her loss. You feel it so keenly because she was a massive part of your lives, and at the end of the day, that kind of love is what it’s all about.

  384. I am so very sorry to hear about Frugal Hound. My heart aches for your family as you grieve her death and absence from your lives.
    The only pets we have ever had are two guinea pigs, and they died a number of years ago. My daughter and I still grieve for them and I cannot think of them without pain. They were two little balls of fluff with a huge amount of attitude. Despite their cuddly appearance, they did not really like being held and tolerated it for only short periods. They had minds of their own and knew what they liked and what they didn’t. They used to turn up their noses at many foods guinea pigs supposedly enjoyed and always ran in the opposite direction when they were called, or it was time to come inside from their outside play area.

    My thoughts are with you at this difficult time in your lives.

  385. oh, mrs. frugalwoods. my heart swells for you. when you feel ready, i hope you will read this true gem of a story about life, kindness, grief, and death:


    when i was a child, my mother died. somewhere along the way i found this story and i pass it along to people in grief. it’s so simple and beautiful and it always makes me cry. it also helps me. should you ever need or want it, i hope it can be of some help to you.

  386. So sorry to hear you lost Frugal Hound, I so enjoyed her pics. this was a heart breaking story and I don’t even have a pet, but all my grandkids do and I see how much they love them, so I know we will go thru this also….but one thing Baby Frugalwoods will soon have a sister for company and she should be fine….perhaps later you can get them another Frugalhound…..I hear they are real good dogs with kids….I also shed tears reading your story…. God Bless you and your family going thru this….

  387. This is so sad! I am so very sorry for your loss. The content of this post, along with your many whimsical (and adorable) photos, would make a good book! The many, many lessons we can learn from our dogs.

    Grief is different for everyone. There is no right way to grieve, nor is ther a set amount of time before you should be over it. Take your time and know that it’s OK! I know it’s so very hard right now. She was a beautiful dog and I know a small piece of your heart went with her. Much love to you all!

  388. I’m so sorry to hear this news. I practically cried at work reading your post. Losing a pet is such deep pain. The only thing that helps is time. It’s so hard to let them go, but as our vet told us, sometimes letting them go can be a gift to your dog because they are no longer in pain. No matter how you look at it, it’s so sad to come home without them. Thinking of you all!

  389. I was so sad to hear of Frugal Hounds passing. It sounds like she had a good life and had excellent financial advice. I will miss her pictures.

  390. I am so sorry for your family’s loss. Frugal hound was such a lovely sweet soul. I always enjoyed seeing her in her cute little outfits. As a Wolfhound mom, I love all sighthounds and will miss seeing her featured in your blog. May she romp in freedom in the eternal divine woods.

  391. Beautiful tribute to a much-loved family member. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet pet. My thoughts are with your family during this time. Hugs to you all.

  392. What a beautiful post. I am wiping away tears as I write this. Gracie was so loved and it is so wonderful to read of how much happier her life was when she became a part of your family. I am so glad that you were honest with your daughter about Gracie’s death. Losing a loved one (two or four legged) is so terribly hard but, as you wrote, death is a part of life and must be faced. Having lost some very beloved pets, I always have thought that I was so much happier having had them in my life. The sorrow at their death was hard, but the love and joy they brought my family and me will always be with us. Have you ever read Thomas Hardy’s “Last Words to a Dumb Friend”? Although it is written about his pet cat, the thoughts are universal to all animal lovers. You all have so many happy memories that will comfort you as time goes by. Give it time, have a couple of good cries, and remember what a loving, gentle creature she was. That is what this life is all about – love.

  393. Loving thoughts towards you and your family on the loss of Frugal Hound. We have loved and had to say goodbye to several beautiful dogs as they’ve aged and grown ill but, while that hurts so much, there can’t be regret in the affection and the laughter and the unconditional love these loyal animals bring into our human lives. Our gorgeous Sir Steve dog, a rescued Labrador of about 10years old, reminds us, as Frugal Hound did you, of the magic in simplicity. You’ve written about that beautifully. I’m sure there’ll be lovely memories of your Frugal Hound that will comfort you and make you smile. Take Care. Meg Xxx

  394. I’m so sad to hear this! Frugalhound for sure brightened my day whenever she graced the blog with her presence. Your words delicately and beautifully describe her loveliness in your lives, I’m so sorry for your loss.

  395. I’m so very sorry. I lost my own Gracie just a few weeks ago when my 17 year old cat experienced a rapid decline in health after a year of successfully managed kidney disease. I still expect to see her curled up at the foot of the bed, and hear her “talking” when I walk through the door at the end of the day. As for managing grief, I took my time cleaning up and packing away her things. Some things I will keep because I do plan to get another cat in the next 6-12 months, and it seems silly and wasteful to toss perfectly good pet care items. I did have about $75 worth of prescription cat food and unopened medical supplies that I donated to the local SPCA shelter. I helps to know her “leftovers” will help another senior kitty enjoy their last months. I also spent $200 on private cremation and a decorative urn that looks lovely nestled among my house plants. A year ago I would have scoffed at that suggestion, but it’s nice to have a permanent, physical reminder of her companionship and presence.

  396. What a sweet, beautiful girl! She has touched so many lives through your writing and photographs. Our deepest sympathy to your family.

    You asked about coping with grief at the loss of a pet: I’ve pasted in below a column I wrote a few years ago for _Crone_ (a magazine for uppity older women). I own all rights to the column, BTW.

    We have four rescues now (two pugs, bloodhound and Great Pyrenees/Irish wolfhound cross) – all seniors. It’s so hard to say goodbye, but the sorrow is mingled with sweetness, even at the end.

    When Our Dear Ones Depart

    When the spirit that answered your every mood
    Is gone–wherever it goes–for good

    “The Power of the Dog” by Rudyard Kipling

    The following describes aspects of an evolving ceremony my husband and I perform when one of our beloved canine companions dies. What began as a spontaneous way of dealing with loss, sorrow and pain became a richer, more formal way of expressing our grief, as well as celebrating our gratitude for time enjoyed together. It has been developing over nearly a decade of sharing our lives with dogs, all but the first arriving as rescues.

    Time to Say Goodbye

    My husband’s face was pale, his expression shocked when he returned with our first dog from the vet’s. Cadfael’s joint seemed slightly swollen; x-rays revealed aggressive bone cancer which had already spread to his lungs. There was no hope of a cure, just careful monitoring and appropriate pain medication. “You’ll know when it’s time,” our English mastiff’s doctor told us.

    We had tough choices and hard decisions to make. I have heard many rescue organization members say, “It’s not about you; it’s about the dog” in relation to adoption decisions. That also holds true for deciding when it’s time for your friend to pass on with dignity and peace. Much as we wanted our beloved mastiff in our lives forever, we understood that he would soon depart.

    Finding Their Final Resting Place

    A year or so earlier, Cadfael and his humans were visiting the foster home of shy young Aubrey. We were greeted by a variety of dogs, from a businesslike search-and-rescue hound to a trio of rakish, tussling pugs. The rescue volunteer, once we’d taken tea, showed us a row of simple containers contained the cremated remains of the dogs amongst whom she had dwelt. It was her way of honoring these good friends. They would remain close to her always, for their ashes would be mingled with her own one day.

    That visit launched a discussion, for we had not yet faced a dog’s death. Because we feel so attached to our land, we chose to bury our dogs on our property. A natural ridge near the old farmhouse was a perfect choice, landscaped naturally with volunteer privet bushes. Every year, their branches explode with fragrant blooms and their berries serve as a source of sustenance for songbirds in cold weather.

    As of this writing, we have buried only very large dogs requiring graves dug both wide and deep. My husband serves as sexton, plying his vintage garden spade. Though his arduous task takes many hours and requires much effort, he finds comfort in the hard work, the fresh scent of the